WWE Beauty Lana Stuns In A White Swimsuit While 'Social Distancing' During Coronavirus Outbreak

WWE star Lana has been doing the responsible thing and practicing social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak. In a recent Instagram post, she showed off her curvy figure in a white swimsuit while in seclusion.

The government has urged the public to keep their distance from crowds as much as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic and only leave the house when necessary. Wrestling bombshell Lana, whose real name is CJ Perry, has taken this advice to heart.

Prior to concerns over the virus resulting in the majority of people spending the upcoming weeks indoors, Lana had been filming a movie alongside Bruce Willis. Now the 34-year-old professional wrestler has shared a series of scintillating photos while spending time in isolation.

She posted three pictures in a skintight, white one-piece bathing suit that had blue, yellow and red trim, and had her locks styled in french braids with yellow hair extensions added to the middle of each braid. The wrestler-turned-actress appeared to be in her kitchen for all of the photos.

In the first picture, she was facing the camera straight-on with her braids hanging over the straps of the swimsuit. The second photo showed her bent over toward the camera, offering fans a closer look. She was turned to the side in the third picture, which showed her curvaceous figure and gave a glimpse of a kitchen stool and a fire extinguisher in the background.

Her caption explained the less-than-glamorous backdrop was due to her self-isolation. She also asked fans how they were doing during this tumultuous time. The photo set received over 212,000 likes and 1,800 comments in just over one day.

Many of the replies from fans were jokes about also spending their time quarantined in revealing swimwear as well.

"Social distancing myself also in my bikini," one follower wrote.

"Well now I think I will do the same.... Let me get my extra small bikini," another fan joked.

There were people who replied earnestly with comments about their situation during the outbreak. One hoped that others would take social distancing seriously to help quell the crisis.

"Doing fine so far! Hopefully, enough people will socially distance themselves in order to keep the infection numbers down," the supporter wrote.

Another person worried about the status of their job during the widespread shutdowns.

"I'm holding up OK, waiting to see what happens with if/or when my work's going to ultimately say, 'You know.... stay home,'" they replied.

As reported by The Inquisitr, WWE has canceled several events, including "Road To Wrestlemania," due to the COVID-19 outbreak.