Father Tries To Sell Daughter For Bail Money

A Tennessee father reportedly tried to sell his daughter for bail money for his girlfriend. Shawn Hughes was overheard by authorities as he phoned his daughter’s caretaker and offered her $1,500 for permanent custody of the six-year-old girl.

Hughes and his girlfriend allegedly left the two young children in the care of their 75-year-old grandmother. When they failed to pick the children up, the grandmother contacted authorities.

As reported by TimesFreepress.com, Hughes eventually contacted the grandmother and offered to sign over custody of the six-year-old girl in exchange for $1,500. Hughes allegedly needed the money to bail the children’s mother out of jail. Police who were already in contact with the grandmother requested her cooperation in the investigation.

Police were present in the grandmother’s home as Hughes reportedly called three more times about the proposed sale of his daughter. As the police listened to the call on the speakerphone, the grandmother eventually agreed to meet Hughes in the parking lot of Eastman Credit Union for the exchange.

Hughes arrived at the location, expecting to exchange custody of his child for $1,500. Instead he was met by police, who arrested him for trying to sell his daughter for his girlfriend’s bail money. During the arrest police recovered numerous prescription pills in an unlabeled container. Authorities believe some of the pills were clonazepam, but sent them to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for positive identification.

As reported by WJHL, Hughes was incarcerated at the Kingsport City Jail and has been charged with two counts of drug possession and “illegal payments in connection with the placement of a child,” which is a felony.

Hughes was transferred to the Sullivan County Jail, where he is currently being held, for attempting to sell his daughter for bail money for his girlfriend. His bond has been set at $16,000 as he awaits a preliminary hearing.