‘Star Trek’ Videogame Video Puts William Shatner Against Gorn … Again

William Shatner promoted Star Trek, the videogame, by fighting the Gorn again.

Back, way back, in the original Star Trek series, William Shatner was filmed in what has been dubbed the “worst fight scene ever,” fighting a giant lizard man called the Gorn. The acting was hammy and unbelievable, the boulder the Gorn threw didn’t even look heavy at all, and Captain Kirk basically did a double neck chop and ran away.

William Shatner knows it was a terrible fight scene, and agreed to re-enact the scene in a promo for the Star Trek videogame. In the new videogame, Captain Kirk and Spock from the new universe have to defend a Vulcan colony from a Gorn invasion. After all, the Vulcan race is now almost extinct after an angry Romulan blew up their planet. Because when a Vulcan makes a promise he can’t keep, you wipe out his entire race, right?

Anyway, alien anger issues aside, the video is below.

The Star Trek game advertisement starts with William Shatner and the Gorn sitting on a couch playing the co-op videogame. Kirk, in the game, is struggling with a Gorn in what looks like an access hatch in the roof. The Gorn makes it through and throws him to the floor.

William Shatner turns to the Gorn on the couch and says, “You keep getting me killed. I thought you had my back.” Then he gives the Gorn a playful swat on the arm.

The Gorn growls a couple times and swats him back, seeming to chuckle.

William Shatner hits him again, but harder, just glaring at him. The Gorn growls again, but seems angry this time, throwing the controller on the table and standing up.

William Shatner gets off the couch with a groan, “Not again.”

The classic scene music kicks in as the Gorn raises a pillow overhead, and William Shatner, ever ready, dodges to the side as the Gorn throws it at him.

The rest of the video is below.

What do you think of William Shatner’s re-enactment of the classic Gorn fight in the ad for Star Trek, the videogame?