'My 600-LB Life' Coliesa Update: See How The Louisiana Woman Turned The Corner In Her Weight-Loss Journey

Coliesa was in a desperate way by the time she came to My 600-LB Life.

The Louisiana woman had grown so dangerously overweight that she was barely mobile, relying on her sister to help her get out of bed just enough to use the bathroom, and was in immense pain both physically and emotionally. Coliesa acknowledged that food was sometimes her only bright point in life.

"It's what makes my days bright, no matter what my life is like," she said, via Distractify.

"And now eating is pretty much all I do. Every occasion triggers me to want to eat."
Thanks to her work on the show, Coliesa was able to turn her life around and start addressing the underlying pain that led to her dangerous food addiction.

Like many featured on the show, Coliesa's addiction to food started with a traumatic childhood. She had an abusive and alcoholic father and was put into foster care after her mother died when Coliesa was 3 years old. She turned to food for comfort and ended up weighing more than 100 pounds by the time she was 7 years old.

By the time Coliesa came to work with renowned bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan for a weight-loss program, she had suffered a heart attack and topped the scales at 643 pounds. Dr. Now said he was concerned that Coliesa's heart may not be strong enough to undergo weight-loss surgery, worrying that she could die during the procedure.

Instead, she found more gradual progress, going to therapy to deal with her underlying trauma. The changes helped Coliesa to lose weight and start to take a more optimistic view of life.

Coliesa appeared on an up-and-down season for the TLC docu-series. While there have been some very big success stories, like Travis Henry who lost hundreds of pounds. There have been some others who found big struggles with Dr. Now's intensive weight-loss system. Joyce Del Viscovo, featured earlier this season, struggled to keep up with the strict regiment that Dr. Now asks his patients to follow and she ended up dropping out entirely, returning home to try to lose weight on her own.

It's not entirely clear how much more progress Coliesa may have made since appearing on My 600-LB Life. She does not appear to have an active presence on social media, so there was no update on how much more weight she may have lost. Those looking for more updates can keep an eye on TLC's official page for the show, which is regularly updated with progress reports from people featured on the show.