Portland Strip Club Closed Due To Coronavirus Opens Curbside Food Delivery Service Called 'Boober Eats'

A Portland strip club forced to close during the coronavirus crisis has found an innovative way to stay in business -- with a curbside food delivery service it calls "Boober Eats."

The Lucky Devil Lounge closed its doors this week as businesses across Oregon closed and residents went into isolation to prevent the further spread of the virus. As Z100 in Portland reported, owner Shon Boulden was trying to find a way to generate some business and originally came up with the food delivery idea as a joke -- especially the play on words taking off the popular service Uber Eats -- but the concept generated so much interest on Facebook that he decided to launch it for real.

Boulden told Willamette Week that the establishment will still be offering its full menu outside of alcoholic beverages, and would have two of the dancers deliver it to the doors of patrons. They will even get a bit of a show, Boulden noted, saying the delivery women will "wear pasties and booty shorts, drop off the food, dance for a second and then move along" -- all while keeping sanitary with disinfectant spray.

As the Z100 report added, the idea allows the dancers and kitchen employees to keep working to cook and deliver the food, and the bouncers will be serving as drivers.

The curbside delivery is one of the ways that suddenly shuttered businesses are trying to carry on amid the nationwide shutdowns. As The Inquisitr reported, sports venues across the country are donating food they had purchased and stored for games that have now been canceled, sending them to local food banks to help people in need.

In Los Angeles, the Staples Center sent a hoard of food to the Midnight Mission, making it the largest one-day donation in its history.

"At that point, we were ready to lockdown the arena and go into full hibernation mode," Payman Khania, Staples Center's vice president of hospitality and retail strategy, told Yahoo Sports. "We realized there wasn't much that we could do with any of the food, so we decided to figure out how much we could donate."

Sports are not expected to return anytime soon, with the NBA suspending play indefinitely and Major League Baseball pushing the start of the season back until at least May. It was also not clear when the Lucky Devil Lounge could re-open, but the kitchen is currently taking orders, with its dancers ready to deliver.