WWE News: Main Event Superstar Being Closely Monitored During Coronavirus Outbreak

Due to a weakened immune system, WWE is keeping a very close eye on this superstar.

The superstars of WWE.

Due to a weakened immune system, WWE is keeping a very close eye on this superstar.

The threat of COVID-19 has affected millions around the world, and that includes WWE‘s superstars. While measures are being taken to ensure their safety at all costs, additional precautions are apparently being taken with one main event-level former champion. Fans know that Roman Reigns has dealt with some serious health issues in the past, and because of that, WWE has him being closely monitored during the coronavirus outbreak.

Some may be wondering why Reigns is any more important than any other superstar on the roster, but that isn’t the case here. As fans may remember, “The Big Dog” took some time away from the ring a couple of years ago when his CML leukemia returned and threatened his health.

CML leukemia may not be overly active in Reigns’ system at this time, but it will never truly leave his body. Due to that illness, his immune system is severely weakened and could make him more susceptible to catching the coronavirus much in the same way that some elderly citizens are.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of The Sun, Reigns is being very closely monitored by WWE’s medical staff. Due to the fact that there he has “a weakened immune system to a degree because the CML leukemia is in him for life,” they want to make sure all measures are being done to shield him from it.

WWE superstar Roman Reigns enters the arena.

A few weeks ago, the heads of WWE reportedly held a meeting with superstars and production staff before Monday Night Raw. This meeting was done to advise them on proper health procedures and what they can do to protect themselves during this outbreak, which is endangering virtually everyone.

There is no guarantee that Reigns’ leukemia will ever return and cause more problems for him. Even if it doesn’t, his immune system has been damaged and there is certifiable proof that those are the people who at a higher risk of catching COVID-19.

WWE has been taking measures to keep its superstars at as low of a risk as possible. Events have been canceled while others are being moved to different locations with no fans in attendance to keep the gathering as small as possible.

Reigns wouldn’t sit there and have anyone believe he is more important than other WWE superstars, but this situation is a bit different. The coronavirus outbreak has everyone worried and those with weakened immune systems need to take even more precautions than others, hence the greater focus on his underlying medical issues.