FriendFeed Announces Another Update


FriendFeed's on a roll. First came the real-time updates, then the addition of support for Facebook and other social networks -- and now, the company has announced an update to its API that lets you take real-time anywhere you want to go.

As of last night, the FriendFeed API has full support for real-time updates, meaning any application built with it can deliver streaming Twitter-like content on any site. FriendFeed says the tool will allow you to set up automatic polling for updates as well as "long-polling," where responses will "only return when updates are available." (The latter option is suggested more for desktop applications.)

If there's one thing you can say about FriendFeed, it's that these guys are working hard to make sure their service stays valuable. It may not be perfect, but there's no question it keeps getting better. We look forward to seeing what pops up next from their seemingly endless to-do list.