‘Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown & Runner-Up Tyler Cameron Embrace More Time Together With ‘Quarantine Crew’

Hannah Brown attends the 2019 Pre-Emmy Party hosted by Entertainment Weekly and L’Oreal Paris
Andrew Toth / Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly

The Bachelorette stars Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron continue to spend time together in Florida as they hang out with their “Quarantine Crew.” Tyler and Hannah haven’t been all that open about this reunion on their Instagram pages up to this point, but it looks like TikTok is a different story.

After the two attended Tyler’s mother’s memorial service in Florida a couple of weekends ago, Hannah returned to Florida, and to Tyler, last weekend. Since then, they have been spotted hanging out together quite a bit, spending time with a few of Tyler’s closest friends.

Dubbed “The Quarantine Crew,” Tyler, his brother Ryan, his bestie Matt James, Hannah, and a few others have been hanging out in the Jupiter area the past few days. Tyler, Hannah, and the rest of the crew have been on the beach, out boating, and playing volleyball, and recent TikTok videos show them hanging out together in a backyard pool.

In fact, the group of four guys and four gals have officially started a TikTok account specifically for their “Quarantine Crew.” They have now shared the first video that features all of them dancing near the backyard pool where they’ve been hanging out.

Both Hannah and Matt shared a video via their Instagram Stories that was originally on TikTok; the clip showed Hannah trying to dunk a basketball into a hoop over the pool and failing miserably. They all looked like they’re having a blast, but what does this mean for Hannah and Tyler?

It’s not clear how long Hannah plans to remain in Florida. However, given the various isolation measures being taken these days due to the coronavirus, it seems likely she’ll be staying down there for a while. Tyler and Matt technically live together in New York City, while Hannah is based in Los Angeles, but it looks as if they’re all staying put for now.

Is all of this nudging Hannah and Tyler to take a leap, giving a real-life romantic relationship a shot? Bachelorette fans are watching all of this pretty closely and are quite excited about what they’re seeing so far.

The timing for Hannah and Tyler to pursue a relationship may not have been right last year after her broken engagement to Jed Wyatt. However, it appears that tough circumstances have brought them together again now and left the Bachelorette stars thinking it may be worth trying again without the pressures of television cameras following their every move.