Lauren Simpson Shows Followers How To Adapt Gym Workouts To Home Amid Coronavirus Gym Closures

On Wednesday, fitness model Lauren Simpson took to popular social media site Instagram to teach her 1.8 million followers how to adapt gym workouts to be easily done at home. The social influencer wanted to help her followers transition to home workouts as increasingly more gyms are shutting down around the world due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As the fitness trainer is currently recovering from major surgery, she recruited fitness coach Henny Moody to carry out the home workout portion of the video while Lauren clipped exercises from her previously recorded gym workouts for the gym portion. The two women demonstrated three different exercises that can easily be adapted from using weights at the gym to using a resistance band at home.

For the first exercise, Lauren demonstrates an exercise called barbell good mornings. She wears a matching blue sports bra and leggings outfit that leaves a portion of her toned tummy on display and hugs her sculpted legs. A pair of black sneakers completed the outfit. She kept her long, blond tresses out of her face with a ponytail.

The second exercise, called the bstance barbell RDL, is also carried out with a barbell at the gym. For this workout, Lauren wears a white outfit, which includes a sports bra with crisscrossing straps on the back and skintight leggings that highlight her ample backside. She was wearing the same pair of white sneakers for footwear with her hair in the same ponytail style as well.

The third exercise is the rear delt face pull, which makes use of a cable machine at the gym. In this clip, Lauren stuns in a red outfit, combining a bright red sports bra and matching spandex booty shorts that both work to emphasize her sculpted figure.

In the caption of the post, Lauren tells her followers that not only did Henny step in to demonstrate the home portion of each exercise, but she also filmed a full body home workout that Lauren will post sometime later on.

The fitness trainer's followers left nearly 10,000 likes and dozens of comments on the post within the first few hours. Many of her fans thanked her for providing content that they can use while isolating at home.

"Thanks a lot for that inspiration," one Instagram user commented.

"Thank you for this! Was thinking about how the heck I was gonna work my Hammies from home :)," another follower wrote.