Blake Shelton And Kelly Clarkson Spark A Major Debate On 'The Voice'

Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson sent social media into a frenzy this week when they sparked a pretty major debate on The Voice. The drama went down after Mandi Castillo's blind audition on the March 16 episode of the NBC talent search, when the two coaches just couldn't seem to agree after Blake pointed out that he heard a fiddle during her performance of "Asi Fue".

Things got heated between the twosome, in a playful way, after Blake highlighted the use of the instrument and how he believed it gave Mandi's performance a slightly country vibe, as reported by Country Living.

Blake called her vocal talent "unbelievable."

"I don't know what you'd classify it as, but I feel like I heard a fiddle, and that's a little bit country," he told the contestant.

Kelly then quickly chimed in.

"I think it was a violin," she said.

Blake then hit back.

"Good point, Kelly. It's the exact same instrument."

"No, it's not because I played the violin. I did not play the fiddle," Kelly replied.

Blake -- who fooled fans earlier this week with an "announcement" from himself and girlfriend Gwen Stefani -- then continued to praise the hopeful before taking another playful dig at his co-coach and longtime friend by clarifying the "difference."

"A fiddle and a violin are the exact same instrument."

New coach Nick Jonas then got in on the debate as he opted to Google the answer in an attempt to see who was right, only to end up not exactly helping his co-coaches with their debate.

"A violin is a fiddle, but not necessarily," he said, which only caused the duo to share more banter when it came to their instrument disagreement.

"You walk into a music store and say 'I'd like to buy a fiddle, please,' and they're going to take you to the violins. They are not different," Blake then continued in an off-camera interview.

Several The Voice fans also chimed in on the debate on social media, with Twitter flooded with messages from viewers as they shared who they believed was right. Many took Blake's side.

But despite the debate, all four coaches turned their chairs for Mandi, which meant she got to decide which team to join. The singer chose John Legend.

Blake's latest banter with a co-coach came shortly after the country star shared his disappointment that girlfriend Gwen isn't on the current season after Nick took over her red spinning chair.

He made the confession after he teased that he thought another contestant was "stuck" with Nick when he'd have been the perfect one for Team Gwen.