Is McDonald's Open During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

McDonald's is seeing some major changes amid the coronavirus pandemic, but housebound Americans looking for an easy meal will still be able to turn to the Golden Arches.

As state and local governments try to contain the outbreak of the virus, a number have taken action to close down non-essential stores, including restaurants. However, McDonald's remains open during the pandemic, though patrons will notice a few significant changes to their dining experience there.

McDonald's Hours Remain The Same

While the coronavirus has led a number of stores to close or move to limited hours, McDonald's has not instituted any changes to its opening or closing times.

In a message shared on its website, McDonald's acknowledged that it was important for locations to remain open as a low-price food option for many families.

"We recognize many of you rely on us to provide food and beverage choices for you and your families," McDonald's USA President Joe Erlinger said in a statement.

"We take that responsibility very seriously."
Erlinger added that the company's restaurants plan an important role in their communities and said they remained committed to staying the course in the difficult times.

"McDonald's has always been a home base for our communities," he said.

"With 14,000+ restaurants across the country, we have a long legacy of being a dependable neighbor in times of need. Through this unprecedented and challenging time for families and individuals, McDonald's will do our part to continue to be a place people can count on to deliver a familiar, comforting and delicious experience, no matter where they are."
Though Erlinger only spoke for the corporate-owned locations, he said that the company was advising all individually-owned franchises to adhere to the same guidelines.

McDonald's Moves To Close Dining Areas

While McDonald's would remain open for its regular hours amid the coronavirus outbreak, the company did announce a number of changes to the dining experience. That included closing the actual eat-in areas of the restaurant, moving all locations to drive-through, walk-in, and delivery only. That included suspending the use of self-service bars and kiosks and closing play places.

The company also announced it would supply hand sanitizer for all employees and customers who visit the restaurants and giving more frequent cleaning to high-traffic areas.

McDonald's could have been taking some cues from Donald Trump in announcing the move. As The Inquisitr reported, Trump held a phone call with fast food restaurant executives on Tuesday morning where he asked them to limit options to takeout, delivery, and drive-through.

More Changes Could Be Coming

While McDonald's said it was committed to remaining open amid the coronavirus outbreak, the company added that the situation could change as state and local governments announce more restrictions. There have already been a number of hard-hit locations exploring more drastic options to contain the outbreak, including some cities considering stay-in-place orders that would keep residents in their homes with only a few exceptions, including trips to get food and medicine.The company is providing regular updates on store hours and ordering options on the news section of its website.