October 19, 2016
Curiousity May Have Killed The Cat, But It Got A Lion Cub's Head Stuck in A Dead Buffalo's Butt

Recently, we saw the compassion of a lioness as she showed kindheartedness toward a baby baboon after killing its mother, proving that even animals that are deemed dangerous can be gentle under special circumstances. Although the story showed the lighter side to the Queen of the jungle, sometimes we see the, well, dumber side of animals as well. Cue, the lion cub that got his head stuck in the butt of a dead buffalo.

The video was taken at Kruger National Park in South Africa and shows the unfortunate cub struggling to free itself from the sphincter of the deceased buffalo. Although the lioness with he baby baboon showed more compassion than the lionesses in this story, they did eventually assist in the cub's release by eating through the carcass's stomach.

Uproxx reported:

"We went back the next morning, and the ranger told us he and other rangers/trackers had kept an eye on the cub throughout the night. The adult lions (all female) had eaten through the stomach to free the cub! The cub looked fine. He just had a collar of blood around his neck, so you could tell it was him!"
The video was actually uploaded in 2011 but is just now making its rounds across the internet. Although Uproxx was able to report that the lion cub was safe after the unfortunate incident, the video does not show the cub emerge from the cavernous sphincter, leaving some to wonder if it had met a horrible fate. Connor Toole, of EliteDaily.com, opted to assume the lion cub was alright.
"Lion Cub Suffocated To Death Inside A Buffalo's Butt isn't exactly as enjoyable, so I'm going to assume that as soon as the camera cut off the lion immediately got its head out and went on to live a happy life."
There is not much more information regarding the situation, other than the report of the lion cub surviving the ordeal and the video proof that it happened. Whether, or not, the cub needs extensive therapy to consider becoming the Mufasa of his pack or if it will be scarred for life, remains to be seen.

Everyone has experienced the sort of situation in which you believe things cannot get any worse. When that happens in the future, just remember this little lion cub and the series of unfortunate events that led to his cute little head becoming lodged in the anus of a rotting dead buffalo. It is sure to make you feel just a little better about yourself.

Photo Courtesy: lockerdrome.com