WWE Posts And Quickly Deletes Cryptic Message On Twitter


Some strange things have been happening lately amid ongoing coronavirus concerns, but WWE‘s Twitter account took an interesting turn on Tuesday. A little after 3 p.m. EDT, a very unusual and cryptic tweet was posted on the company’s official account and the profile picture was also changed to just a black circle. As fans quickly tried to decipher it, things took an even stranger twist when the post was totally deleted.

Other than all of the changes happening to WrestleMania 36, social media for WWE has been business as usual. Now, this post came out of nowhere and has wrestling fans finally talking about something other than the threat of COVID-19 and all that it has done.

The tweet was a mere five words long, but it was written upside-down and in reverse. It was posted at 3:14 p.m. EDT and taken down after being left up for about 10 minutes. It had nearly 1,000 likes and around 400 comments before being deleted, but screenshots still exist.

David Bixenspan of Babyface v. Heel did catch it, and he shared it on Twitter for all to view. As you can see, the avatar for WWE’s account on the platform was also temporarily changed from its usual logo to a black circle, but it has since been changed back as well.

The tweet from WWE was delivered just that way and it translates to “The Truth Will be Heard,” but the company has not said anything else about it. Representatives did not respond to any of the comments left by others and haven’t mentioned the message itself or why it was taken down off of their site.

Social media has been filled with a ton of speculation over the course of the last hour since the tweet was posted. There are some who believe it is Matt Hardy returning while a few think it could be something having to do with the mysterious Aleister Black.

Others have connected it to the strange glitches that happened on Friday Night SmackDown a few weeks ago. Wrestling Inc. reported on them and how fans were of the belief that new WWE signing Killer Kross was behind those, but there has been nothing even mentioned about them since that time.

The weird Twitter post made by WWE on Tuesday afternoon was surely not an accident as it was too carefully planned to be a mistake. The upside-down writing in reverse and message of “The Truth Will be Heard” has a deeper meaning than anyone knows of yet, and there is no telling when the next clue or revelation will come forth for the world to understand.