WWE Rumors Suggest ‘NXT TakeOver: Tampa’ And Hall Of Fame Ceremony To Be Canceled

Two huge 'WrestleMania' week events may not take place at all.

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Two huge 'WrestleMania' week events may not take place at all.

The biggest event of the year for WWE is slated to be moved, perhaps taking place in front of an empty performance center, but two other events may not end up happening at all. With WrestleMania 36 being moved out of Tampa due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus, many are wondering about other big happenings that week. While there has been nothing officially declared on the matter, NXT TakeOver: Tampa and the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony may end up canceled, rumors suggest.

On Monday evening, WWE made the official announcement to cancel WrestleMania 36 in Tampa, shifting it to the Performance Center in Orlando. With that event still taking place, fans are not forgetting about all of the other great things that usually coincide with the biggest wrestling event of the year.

WrestleMania week is typically a huge deal, with numerous events scheduled throughout the days leading up to the pay-per-view. This year, the COVID-19 threat is not allowing that to happen. WWE French announce team member Pat Laprade said, via Twitter, that the Hall of Fame ceremony — and NXT TakeOver: Tampa — are not taking place as planned.

In his tweet, Laprade states — per a Google Translate translation — that TakeOver and the Hall of Fame ceremony “will not take place in their planned forms.” He went on to say that nothing has been confirmed, but there are rumors suggesting that “a big NXT show similar to ‘TakeOver'” will take place on the Wednesday night before WrestleMania.

As for the Hall of Fame, speeches could end up being moved to episodes of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown instead of an individual ceremony. Of course, these events are all expected to take place in unpopulated venues until the threat of the coronavirus lessens.

Already, one episode of SmackDown and one episode of Raw have taken place at the Performance Center. This week’s episode of the blue brand will see the same lack of live audience, and WWE is expected to keep it that way for quite some time.

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Wrestling Inc. is reporting that further word from WWE is expected soon as regards other WrestleMania 36 week events. It’s hard to know just what the schedule will look like — or what’s going to happen after the scrambling taking place — due to anxieties surrounding the coronavirus outbreak. For now, NXT TakeOver: Tampa and the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony may not be taking place as planned.