Lil Wayne Reveals Epilepsy, Says He ‘Could Have Died’ From Seizures

Lil Wayne revealed that he has been diagnosed with epilepsy.

The rapper recently spent some time in an intensive care unit while doctors tried to figure out why he was suffering from seizures. Rumors started to circulate that he was very close to dying. However, nothing official had been released from the musician’s camp.

Lil Wayne has since opened up about his diagnosis. He said epilepsy was causing the seizures that could have killed him.

“[I’m] prone to seizures. This wasn’t my first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh. I have had a bunch of seizures, you just never hear about them,” the rapper explained to Power 106.

He added, “I’ve had a bunch of seizures, ya’ll just never hear about them. But this time it got real bad ’cause I had three of them in a row and on the third one, my heart rate went down to like 30 percent. Basically, I could have died, so that is why it was so serious.”

Rumors circulated that the rapper’s addiction to codeine was the reason he was experiencing the seizures. Many believed this was why he was admitted to the hospital for a total of ten days. However, Lil Wayne said epilepsy is what caused him to seek treatment.

“I have people around me. I actually have [seizures] so much they already know what to do. They already know how to handle it. Certain times I don’t even go to the hospital, but this time, it was real bad because it was three in a row, and I’ve never had three back to back like that,” he said.

Lil Wayne Seizures

The rapper has denied that his addiction to “sizzurp” is what lead to his hospitalization. Lil Wayne said it was “plain stress and no rest” that triggered the seizures. The rapper currently has around 40 shows scheduled across the US this summer.

Are you a fan of Lil Wayne? Are you surprised that the rapper has been diagnosed with epilepsy?

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