Miracle Baby Overcomes Odds To Survive Her Twin's Miscarriage & An Abortion

Eighteen-week-old Megan Hui was meant to be. The very fact that she exists is an amazing miracle. Not only did she survive the miscarriage of her twin, she also survived two abortion pills. Today, she is a beautiful, happy, healthy baby - a miracle baby.

Her parents Michelle and Ross Hui had two other children when they discovered that they were expecting another baby. They were thrilled, reports the Mirror, and eagerly anticipated the birth of their next baby.

But in July 2013, just six weeks into the pregnancy, something went terribly wrong. Michelle was on her way to the train station to go to work when she began to miscarry.

"I was on my way to work and I just started gushing blood. I rang my husband and told him I was losing the baby. He couldn't come and get me because he had the other two kids so I had to walk home."
They went to the hospital in Dublin. Two doctors and five ultrasounds later, the miscarriage was confirmed. The doctors were concerned about infection since her uterus had not completely emptied. They prescribed her two abortion pills, reports the Medical Daily, " to clear her uterus."

Typically those two pills are a dangerous combination of mifepristone or methotrexate and misoprostal (cytotec). The first pill works to block progesterone production and thin the lining of the uterus, making it nearly impossible for the tiny baby in the uterus to remain attached. Then the second pill is taken a day or two later. It causes contractions, sometimes tetanic contractions, causing the body to expel the baby. About 10 to 14 days later, the mother is generally requested to visit her doctor or clinic again to ensure that the process worked.

After an overnight hospital stay when she miscarried her baby, Michelle returned home, brokenhearted.

"After I lost the baby I went out with friends and had a bottle and a half of wine. I was devastated – and drank myself silly. I never ever drink that much. I'm not a drinker."
She said, "The miscarriage and abortion were absolutely horrific. The ten days between the miscarriage and going back to the hospital were just a blur."

Heartbeat Miracle Baby Survives

Michelle went back to the hospital after 10 days, and doctors told her that there were still retained blood clots and that they would have to do a D and C to remove them. As they prepped her for the surgery, they ran another ultrasound, and, miracle of miracles, they saw a heartbeat!

Michelle saw it, too.

"But then I saw this little heartbeat. I thought it could't be right. After all we had been through, I didn't want to get my hopes up. The doctor went out and came back in with a more senior doctor and he did the scan again and he said, 'You are not going to believe it, we've got a heartbeat.' It was the best feeling ever."
Michelle had been carrying twins, and only one baby was miscarried. Against all odds, she was still pregnant. The couple was thrilled beyond belief about their miracle baby. Even so, the Daily Mail reports that Michelle was not pleased with her doctors for not seeing her surviving baby on the ultrasounds.
"As happy as I was, I was angry they had missed her on the scans. They said with all the blood and clots it must have created shadows so they couldn't see her."
It can happen. Even with all the modern technology available, twins still hide and surprise everyone. Experts still sometimes have difficulty finding a baby's heartbeat before 10 weeks into a pregnancy, and the possibility of their missing a twin is not that far-fetched or unheard of.

By everyone's standards, baby Megan is a miracle. She had a determination to live and has survived unbelievable odds to be here.

Michelle says, "She is just a big healthy pudding of a baby. The doctors said it was a blessing. They have never heard of anything like it."

Though it is rare for a baby to survive an abortion attempt, it can and does happen. Abortion survivor Melissa Ohden runs the Abortion Survivors Network, and reports that, as of April 15, 2014, she knows of 177 abortion survivors worldwide.

The surprise box-office hit movie October Baby, starring Rachel Hendrix, Jason Burkey, John Schneider, and Shari Rigby, portrayed a young lady who survived the abortion that killed her twin brother. The Erwin Brothers film was inspired by real-life survivor Gianna Jessen.

October Miracle Baby Survives

The Inquisitr recently reported about another survivor Claire Cullwell, who wrote an incredible letter to the abortionist that performed the procedure that took the life of her twin. Carrie Fisher, Josiah Presley, and wrestler Nik Hoot are others who share their stories of being miracle babies who survived an abortion.

There are a few out there, but not many. Like Megan Hui, the very fact that they exist is a miracle that can bring people to their knees in gratitude for a life that exists despite overwhelming obstacles. Miscarriages, by their very nature, have few survivors. Abortions are not meant to be survived. The fact that Megan is here is an incredible testament to the reality that, as her mother says, "Someone had been looking over us." Megan Hui is, by all accounts, a miracle baby.

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