‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Rumored To Be Coming This Year

Batman: Arkham Origins rumored to be coming

Batman: Arkham Origins is rumored to be launching by the end of this year. This would be the third game in the Arkham trilogy and could mean the end of this particular video gaming story arc.

Rumors about a third Batman game spring up last month, but a title and plotline weren’t yet known. Alongside those rumors came the ones that Batman: Arkham Universe domains were snapped up quickly by developers of the game series.

Whether that is a hint towards something that will go along with the third game, something entirely different, or simply a way to cover all of Warner Bros. bases isn’t known yet.

While there still isn’t a ton known about what this third game in the series will entail, there are rumored appearances by Green Lantern and Superman. Batman: Arkham Origins has been expected to be some sort of prequel for a while now and those rumors still seem to be chugging along.

Further rumors hint that the game will be officially unveiled at this June’s E3 conference and will then be released later in the year. It seems likely that getting the game out to the public during the Holiday shopping season would make the most sense.

Some of these rumors are supported by common sense, while others are backed up by small tidbits like the fact that Arkham Origins was one of the domains purchased.

Whispers are getting louder that this third game will also delve back into examining the relationship between Batman and the Joker. That relationship is key in the first two games of the series and it would make sense to explain their interactions a bit more if this is indeed a prequel.

If and when it does hit the market, the game has been said to be getting worked for both current and next generation consoles.

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