Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Leave Hospital Following COVID-19 Diagnosis

The couple have spent the last five days under quarantine in Australia.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson at the 92nd Academy Awards.
Amy Sussman / Getty Images

The couple have spent the last five days under quarantine in Australia.

The rapid escalation of fears around the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, reached a new peak last Wednesday when Tom Hanks announced that both he and his wife Rita had tested positive for the virus. For the past five days, the couple has been under quarantine in Australia, but People is now reporting that the couple was allowed to leave the hospital on Monday. Now, the couple is in quarantine at their home in Australia.

Last Wednesday, Hanks took to Instagram and Twitter to announce that he had tested positive, saying that they felt chills and had fevers, got tested, and were placed in isolation. Just a day after announcing that they were diagnosed, Hanks posted a follow-up message detailing his progress and thanking healthcare workers for taking care of him and his wife.

Hanks’ kids also weighed in on their parents’ conditions while they were in quarantine in drastically different ways. Hanks’ son Chet posted a video of himself, shirtless, explaining that his parents were mostly fine and that although they had been diagnosed, they were making a quick recovery. Colin Hanks, another child of the couple, posted about the gratitude he felt for the support that his parents were getting in light of their diagnosis, according to CBS News.

According to People, Hanks was originally in Australia for pre-production on Baz Luhrmann’s untitled Elvis Presley biopic. Hanks is set to play Presley’s manager Colonel Tom Parker in the film. Filming on the project was halted after Hanks’s diagnosis, and he is currently the only person on set believed to have been tested for the virus.

As Hanks has been quarantined, a slew of famous faces has chimed in to offer their support for the actor. Now, it seems the worst stage of the virus is behind Hanks and Wilson, and they can handle the rest of their recovery at home.

The news of Hanks and Wilson’s release comes as Idris Elba announces that he has tested positive for the disease. In his message to fans, Elba told his fans that he was feeling “okay” at the moment and also said that he was under self-quarantine following his diagnosis. Elba also offered his fans some advice on how they could protect themselves from the disease after he explained that he got tested because he had been exposed to someone who tested positive. He told fans to wash their hands, get tested and isolate themselves if they were feeling any symptoms.