Sara Underwood Fires Up Her Blow Torch, Uses An Ax & Wields A Sharp Knife While Flaunting Deep Cleavage

Jane Lasky

On Monday, Sara Underwood took to Instagram to put her acting chops to work. In a humorous attempt to promote an electric trimmer sold by Manscaped, the former Playboy Playmate of the Year entertained her 9.2 million followers by jokingly testing various tools as she tried to split a large piece of a tree trunk for firewood.

Her initial attempt was done with a sharp knife that would not nearly do the trick. The same negative result happened when she tried using a blow torch. The goofy influencer even tried chewing the tree trunk with her teeth "like a beaver." No dice.

After all those fails, Sara stood at attention with a long sharp object, telling her audience she would "use an ax" to actually get the job done.

At that point, she made the assertion that when men trim their private parts, they should be sure to use the right apparatus. After calling the Manscaped 3.0 electric razor "the right tool for the job," she proved her case by employing one swift motion to chop the large tree trunk in two with her mighty ax.

While the 35-year-old stunner was working her method of persuasion in front of a camera, she rocked faded jeans featuring a giant hole in one knee, a red-and-black plaid work shirt around her tiny waist, and a black tank top with an extremely low neckline, revealing copious amounts of her bodacious cleavage.

For the job, Sara wore her blond hair -- which rocked long bangs -- in pigtails, and light makeup while acting for the video. which had been shot in front of her tiny house located in a woodsy area of the Pacific Northwest.

"Amazing vid! Love it," said professional surfer Anastasia Ashley, who added a double pink heart emoji.

"Sold! What were you selling?" joked a second admirer.

"Lol wow when u tried biting it that had me dying lol," remarked a third Instagram user.

"I don't even care when you put ads on your page," quipped a fourth follower, who added a crying-laughing face emoji.

Sara often updates her Instagram from her rustic little residence which essentially includes a single room protected by a pitched roof covered in a field of moss and ferns. Last month, the stunner took to the social media site to talk about her "simple life," according to The Inquisitr.

The buxom beauty says she enjoys living in the "tight space" with her boyfriend -- tiny house architect Jacob Witzling -- in which bug spray is just about the only necessary item from the outside world for the couple to have on hand during the warmer months of the year.