WWE Rumors: ‘WrestleMania 36’ Could Take Place In An Empty Stadium, And Vince McMahon Doesn’t Like It

Ideas are being kicked around for the 'Show of Shows,' but Vince isn't keen on all of them.

Vince McMahon prepares to speak to the fans.

Ideas are being kicked around for the 'Show of Shows,' but Vince isn't keen on all of them.

The entire world is trying to figure out what to do with their lives as the coronavirus outbreak continues, and that includes WWE. With less than two weeks to go until WrestleMania 36 is set to take place in Tampa, Florida, the idea of the event happening in an empty arena has been thrown around. While that would work to some extent and fans could still watch from home, rumor has it that Vince McMahon does not like the idea at all.

Last week, Friday Night SmackDown was moved to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando and took place without an audience. This week’s Monday Night Raw has received the same treatment as it was also moved and will have not a single fan in attendance for the action.

The idea for WrestleMania 36 taking place at Raymond James Stadium without any fans has been tossed around. Of course, that hasn’t yet been confirmed by WWE, but they will need to make a decision soon if they’re going to try and have the event or cancel it entirely.

The Twitter account for WrestleVotes is reporting that Vince McMahon does not like the idea of holding WrestleMania 36 without any fans. As a matter of fact, it is the idea he likes the least out of all those that have been suggested.

It has now hit the point of there being less than two weeks until WrestleMania 36 and there are still only five matches on the card. Usually, by this time, there are many more that have been announced and the card is nearly complete, but not this year.

City officials in Tampa have already called off some major events in the area which would bring in large gatherings of people. Most states have temporarily banned gatherings of people that are larger than 50.

That is what has led to the idea of having an empty Raymond James Stadium to allow the event to still take place. If that ends up being the only option, though, Vince may still choose not to take it.

WrestleMania 36 is expected to bring in more than 100,000 people from more than 100 countries around the world to Tampa next week. Events are set to take place throughout the week with the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony and NXT TakeOver: Tampa among them.

The logo of "WrestleMania 36" in Tampa.

As of Monday afternoon, nothing has been set in stone as to whether WrestleMania 36 is going to happen or not. City officials were giving Vince McMahon and WWE some time to figure things out and see how the spread of the coronavirus was going, but time is running short. If having no fans in attendance is so sincerely disliked by the head of WWE, there is a very good chance the big event could be canceled entirely.