Shawn Johnson’s Adorable Infant Daughter Reacts To Toilet Paper Shortage

Olympian Shawn Johnson attends the Before I Fall" New York Special Screeing at Landmark Sunshine Cinema on February 28, 2017 in New York City.
Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

Former Olympic gymnast and Dancing with the Stars mirrorball winner Shawn Johnson shared a video of her adorable infant daughter, Drew Hazel, reacting to the reported toilet paper shortage that is plaguing shoppers in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The sweet clip was likely taken by her husband, Andrew East.

Mother and daughter are seen in the short video, relaxing on an oversized sofa. The tan piece of furniture is comfy enough for both of them to sink in and share some sweet bonding time.

In the clip, neither Shawn nor Drew made a sound. Rather, both looked up at the camera at the same time and made the same surprised face.

In the accompanying caption posted alongside the clip, Shawn remarked “say what?” to the toilet paper shortage, hoping that the surprised reaction of her daughter would brighten up the day of her 2.6 million Instagram followers.

The three-time Olympic gold medalist is seen with her blond hair up and away from her face. She is wearing minimal makeup and looks naturally lovely as she snuggles with her baby girl.

In the video, Shawn is wearing a gray Led Zeppelin band t-shirt and blue jeans, adding a casual vibe to a relaxed day of fun. On her left hand are her engagement ring and wedding band from her handsome, former NFL player husband of four years.

Drew is wearing an adorable gray onesie with a tiny white print.

She is wearing pink and white socks on her feet that look like ballet slippers and a sweet pink bow affixed to a headband on her head. Her chubby legs and arms are reaching out to her mother, who is holding her up straight and tall, the baby’s feet firmly planted on Shawn’s thighs.

“You Should do the Drew Hazel Challenge and have people try to mimic her facial expressions!!” said one follower of their love for 4-month-old Drew’s many fun facial expressions.

Fans regularly enjoy videos of the little girl and her many milestones. These include the baby laughing for the first time, a moment followers couldn’t stop watching after the new mom posted a clip to the social media sharing site.

“Thank you for producing fun content to provide some mental escape from the situation. Appreciated! Your family is relatable and your content is fun to watch,” remarked a second fan.

“The best thing I’ve seen on my timeline,” said a third person, followed by four laughing and crying emoji.