‘The Bachelorette’ Star Hannah Brown Sports A Bright Red Bikini As She Bonds With Tyler Cameron’s Bestie

Hannah Brown attends the CMA Awards.
Image Group LA / ABC

The Bachelorette star Hannah Brown is seemingly having a lot of fun reconnecting with an old friend and potentially making a new one. Although the timing may not have been right for Hannah and Tyler Cameron last year when they filmed The Bachelorette, some fans are wondering if it might be better now, especially after Tyler’s best friend Matt James seemed ready to publicly pledge his support for The Bachelorette star.

Last week, Hannah was in Florida to support Tyler as he bid farewell to his mother after her sudden death. Following that, The Bachelorette star spent some time in Alabama with her family, then returned to Florida. Fans started buzzing over the weekend when Tyler was spotted picking Hannah up at the airport.

Now, it looks as if Hannah and Tyler’s bestie Matt have been hanging out and getting to know one another a bit. It appears as if they have definitely bonded and built a friendly rapport.

After Hannah chose Jed Wyatt over Tyler on The Bachelorette last spring, Matt made it clear he had his buddy’s back. As Refinery29 noted at the time, he did not seem particularly pleased with the idea that Tyler and Hannah were considering giving their romance another shot.

Tyler and Hannah each moved on, seemingly not having contact nor following one another on social media for a while. When Tyler’s mom died not long ago, it seems that the two reconnected.

Neither has shared anything about their potential relationship, and so far, their public activities have simply seemed friendly. However, it seems that they have reconnected enough for Matt to bond with The Bachelorette and publicly show his support.

On Sunday, Matt posted a photo showing him joking around with Hannah. She was wearing a red bikini and had Matt in a teasing chokehold. His caption talked about confronting an internet bully, seemingly referencing The Bachelorette star. Hannah replied a few hours after the photo was initially shared.

“Lesson learned. You’re alright tho,” she wrote.

As a detailed post on Reddit points out, the photo of Matt and Hannah doesn’t necessarily have to be current or brand new. However, the sentiment may be, given that Matt just posted it. Although the photo was taken by a professional photographer, it doesn’t seem that it could have been very long ago. Matt and Hannah likely have only hung out in recent days as she’s spent time in Florida.

What does it all mean? The Bachelorette fans don’t know for sure, but “Tannah” fans don’t mind any of this one bit. Given what’s happened with the duo in the past, they most likely won’t put any public labels on their time together any time soon. Even though they might leave fans guessing, those who “ship” the two together seem happy with how things are going at the moment.