Marie Osmond Shares Hopeful Message As She Spends Sweet Family Game Night With Her Grandchildren

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Marie Osmond says she is reconnecting with her family as they deal with the COVID-19 crisis together. The 60-year-old singer and talk show host posted a sweet video to Instagram that shows her sharing a family game night with her young grandchildren.

In the video, Marie is dressed casually in a flannel shirt and sweatpants as she sits on the floor with two of her grandkids. Classic kiddie games, including Hi Ho Cherry-O! and Guess Who?, are strewn on the floor, but Marie and her granddaughter are playing Operation. As the Osmond sister tries to take a “butterfly heart” from the body of iconic board game star Cavity Sam, the buzzing from her failed mission tickles her granddaughter’s feet and they burst into laughter.

In the caption to the post, Marie wrote that her family will not give in to fear, but that they will practice social distancing. The Donny & Marie star added that she hopes families will find restored faith find ways to make staying at home “count for something good.”

The “Paper Roses” singer reminded her fans to use this time at home to reconnect with family. In addition to her too-cute game night with her granddaughter, Marie noted that her sons Matt, 20, and Brandon, 23, reconnected by playing video games together instead of with their friends. She also urged fans to reach out to those in need during this trying time by helping them with food or with their children. Marie also asked fans to use social media for good.

“Let’s not be afraid, instead let’s have fun and use this time to reconnect with those we love,” she wrote, after sharing a passage from Scripture.

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We are not going to give in to fear during this time... we just won’t! Instead, my wish is that we may find restored faith and find new ways to have fun and make staying at home count for something good. We can use this time to connect with each other in new, meaningful ways! Last night, I reconnected with my granddaughter for game night as you see in the video. AND my 20 year old son Matt and 23 year old son Brandon reconnecting playing video games together instead of with friends! Who knew I’d be excited about gaming! ???? All in all, what a great time we had laughing together! We have been living in a world that was becoming increasingly disconnected. From texting a friend who is in the same room to not really knowing our neighbors, we might be missing opportunities to serve each other. We do have to practice “social distancing,” but that doesn’t mean we have to completely disconnect. There are going to be people who need us, really need us in the coming weeks. People have already lost their jobs, so we can help out with food. In some communities, schools are closed but parents still have to work so we can help with their children. There are the elderly in our neighborhoods that don’t feel comfortable going into a crowded grocery store so we can shop for them. And very importantly we can do all we can to stay healthy so we don’t contribute to the spread of the virus! Let’s use social media for good things... to send jokes, funny memes and heartwarming stories. And above all lets use every opportunity to dispel fear! Don’t you love this? “Fear thou not; for I am with thee; be not dismayed for I am thy God; I will strengthen thee, yea I will help thee; yea I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.” I think that says it all... let’s not be afraid instead lets have fun and use this time to reconnect with those we love. Starting Monday (tomorrow), @thetalkcbs will be doing re-runs so join me on social media and we can #TALK about the topics online! I will also post more videos and photos about how I am reconnecting with my family and I’d love to see how you’re doing it with yours! #familytime ♥️

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Oh my gosh this is the cutest thing EVER!!” one fan wrote. “I agree we need to use this time to reconnect with our family…. Stay safe and healthy Marie and have fun playing games and catching up with your family!”

“Love this sweet reminder, to connect/reconnect while still socially distancing ourselves. It’s doable,” another fan added.

Marie started out the year on a hopeful note. On The Talk, she shared her vision board and revealed that her goals for 2020 were to finish her college degree and go skydiving. Now, the singer will have some downtime as The Talk goes on hiatus and airs reruns starting this week. There is no word as to when the CBS chatfest will go back to live episodes.