'RHONJ' Star Melissa Gorga Shimmies & Shakes Her Booty In New TikTok Video

Lucille Barilla

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga shimmied and shook her booty in a new video uploaded to her Instagram account. In the clip, she performed a dance popular on the social sharing app TikTok. The sassy reality star showed off her moves in a quick 15-second video alongside her entire family.

In the video, Melissa is not the only one dancing. Also featured are husband Joe Gorga and children Gino, Joey, and Antonia.

First up in the clip is the Gorga family patriarch Joe. He is wearing a black hoodie adorned with a graphic and dark jeans. He has a serious expression on his face, looking determined to master the dance for his quick segment. Joe moved his arms and did a little wiggle before turning the camera over to his wife.

Following was daughter Antonia. The 14-year-old beauty is a spitting image of her mother and looked sweet performing the same move as both her parents. Antonia was dressed casually in a black V-neck T-shirt with the word Envy written on it. Envy is the name of both the online retail store and the brick-and-mortar shop of her mother.

Just after his sister came Gino. The 13-year old was wearing a light-colored hoodie, slicked-back hair, and track pants as he danced in the clip.

The last dancer in the sequence was Joey Jr. The 10-year-old was dressed in an outfit similar to his father and provided a sweet finale to the quick family dance-off.

The clip, which appears to have been taken in either the family's dining or kitchen area, shows Nico seated on a chair wearing a dark dog collar and watching his family with interest as they pranced for the camera. As each Gorga moved into their segment, Nico curiously followed them with his eyes as they moved, his head turning back and forth.

Fans loved how the Gorga clan had a little fun together, sharing in the comments section their favorite parts of the video.

"The dog is like why am I not in the video lol," remarked one fan.

"Their little shimmies are so cute!" said a second Instagram follower of Melissa's.

"LOVE!!! Beautiful fam! If the dog woulda walked up that woulda been it for me!" joked a third admirer.