March 15, 2020
Xbox Live Goes Down Worldwide, Believed To Be Related To Coronavirus Quarantines

Xbox Live has experienced outages worldwide, with early speculation that the online gaming platform is burdened under the weight of heavy use during coronavirus-related quarantines across the globe.

Users began reporting outages on Sunday afternoon in the Eastern Time Zone, with games across the world reporting similar issues including an inability to sign on. The Xbox Support's Twitter page later shared a post acknowledging the issues and telling users that it was under investigation.

"We understand some users may be experiencing errors with sign in or matching making on Xbox Live, and are currently investigating," the post read. "Please check back here for details."

Many speculated that the Xbox Live outage was related to the quarantine orders coming down across the globe as countries try to stop the spread of the coronavirus. A number of European countries have instituted lockdowns, calling on residents to remain in their homes except for essential trips for food or medicine. A number of people in the United States and other countries have also chosen to remain at home as experts say that self-isolation is one of the most effective measures at slowing the spread of the virus.

News of Xbox Live going down caused a stir across social media, with many taking to Twitter to complain about the outage. A post about the gaming platform going down also shot to the top of Reddit on Sunday. Many noted that they had turned to Xbox to spend free time after sports leagues had canceled. Across the globe, nearly all major sports leagues closed or were suspended this week in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. This included NCAA March Madness, which was set to start on Sunday night with the selection of teams in the annual tournament.

A number of gaming-related websites also encouraged people to turn to video games to pass the time while in quarantine. The Verge published a list of the best games to play while staying inside and away from gathering.

"[The quarantine] means there's never been a better time to get into video games — or, for that matter, play those games you've been meaning to finish," the report noted.

"We've put our heads together to come up with an eclectic list of things to play that will hopefully keep your mind off of the virus. Though we can't promise any of this will work unless you stay inside."
It was not clear how long Xbox Live could be down.