Jena Frumes Shares ‘Thirst Trapping’ Sultry Hand-Washing Video On Social Media

Model Jena Frumes is making an effort to both help and motivate her followers on Instagram and TikTok by adding an admittedly sultry twist to a current hot topic. Overnight, Jena shared a short video on social media that showed her demonstrating her hand-washing technique as she encouraged others to step up their efforts as well.

Note: Since the writing of this piece, the Instagram post appears to have been deleted.

Jena approached this with a sense of humor and a sexy flair. She noted that she shared this first on TikTok and then added it to her Instagram page. The topic is obviously a nod to the current coronavirus concerns, since authorities are encouraging people to step up their hand-washing, among other strategies.

The gorgeous model added text to the video admitting that this was absolute “thirst trapping.” However, it was clear that her followers certainly didn’t mind.

The popular Instagram model was wearing a nude-colored cropped tank top that showcased her flat tummy and plentiful cleavage. She wore a delicate gold chain around her neck and had her gorgeous curls hanging down loosely in a bouncy style. Jena added a pair of formfitting jeans to complete her casual but sexy ensemble, and the waistband of the jeans sat just below her navel.

Jena filmed her video in her kitchen, smiling and dancing around as she scrubbed her hands and playfully held up a can of Lysol. The model’s fans went wild over the post, watching it in huge numbers and adding comments showing their love.

Overnight, the video post had already been viewed almost 300,000 times, all in less than a 10-hour span. The Instagram clip also received almost 38,000 likes and around 200 comments.

“You don’t have to do anything to thirst trap… your beauty is more than enough,” praised one of Jena’s enticed fans.

In keeping with the theme of coronavirus-inspired posts, Jena also shared a short and sultry video via her Instagram stories overnight. She posted a shot showing her lounging on her bed, wearing just panties and a bralette. Her positioning perfectly showcased all of her sexy curves and definitely got pulses racing.

“Quarantine & chill?” Jena teased as she also asked for fan recommendations for shows on Netflix and Hulu to start watching as she practices a bit of social distancing.

Jena is one of many social media personalities who are stepping up their game with their posts in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. The model frequently teases her fans with sultry language and tantalizing video clips, and this one certainly seems to be hitting the mark with her millions of followers.