WWE News: Booker T Explains Why Eric Bischoff Doesn’t Deserve A Hall Of Fame Induction

Booker T poses for a photo

On the latest episode of Booker T‘s Hall of Fame podcast, he discussed Eric Bischoff and whether or not the former World Championship Wrestling president deserves to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. While the legendary superstar claims that he doesn’t have a bad thing to say about Bischoff, he also stated that he doesn’t deserve to be inducted.

According to Booker T, by the way of WrestlingNews.co, Bischoff’s mishandling of WCW is why he shouldn’t be given the prestigious honor. He believes that Bischoff writing himself into onscreen storylines marked the beginning of the end for WCW, and that shouldn’t be celebrated.

“I just thought that was the recipe for disaster, and the demise at the end of the day, for WCW. I just don’t know, people can say ‘well Vince McMahon, he played a part in the company.’ Well, it was his money. It was his company. Eric Bischoff was hired to do a certain job, and I say the same thing about Vince Russo.”

Booker T then went on to discuss Bischoff hiring Vince Russo as a writer for WCW, who also put himself into storylines. After Russo joined, it didn’t take long for the company’s ratings to start plummeting, while several big-name superstars were angry about how they were being used. Booker T also criticized how they booked themselves to look dominant in wrestling angles, like when Russo gave himself the World Championship.

Booker T acknowledged that Bischoff created WCW, but he said that the former president should have focused on running it and nothing more. However, Bischoff’s name has come up in regards to the Hall of Fame recently as the New World Order faction is being inducted this year. He was a huge part of the stable during its prime, and some fans think he should be inducted as well.

At the time of this writing, Bischoff has yet to respond to Booker T’s opinion. The former WCW president does have his own podcast called 83 Weeks, however, so it’s possible that he’ll share his thoughts about it on the next episode.

Bischoff has discussed the nWo induction in the past, though. As quoted by Wrestle Zone, he responded to Sean Waltman’s claim that Bischoff should be going in with them at this year’s ceremony.

“That would be great. I’d like to hang out with my buddies at ‘WrestleMania.’ It would’ve been wonderful. But I don’t worry about that.”