Miley Cyrus Uses ‘Hannah Montana’ To Illustrate Her Coronavirus ‘Quarantine’ Behavior, And Cody Simpson Reacts

Amy SussmanGetty Images

Miley Cyrus entertained her fans by sharing a throwback clip from the Disney Channel series that made her famous. On Saturday, the 27-year-old “Wrecking Ball” singer took to Instagram to give her followers an update on what she’s been up to as the deadly coronavirus continues to spread. While the disease is certainly no laughing matter, Miley’s choice of Hannah Montana footage had many of her followers in hysterics.

In the caption of her Instagram post, Miley indicated that she’s been self-isolating to prevent catching and potentially spreading the coronavirus. She revealed that Saturday was the second day of her self-imposed quarantine, and she used a Hannah Montana clip to show her fans what she’s been doing with her free time at home.

In the clip, Miley is shown wearing a protective face mask as she enters a messy bathroom. She’s horrified by what she has to deal with as she cleans up after her onscreen brother, Jackson (Jason Earles). Miley is shown using her foot to close the lid on a clothes hamper as she shudders. She then attempts to remove a bathrobe from the shower curtain rod, only to have it fall over her head. This makes her scream hysterically.

“Get it off, get it off, get it off!” she yells. “It burns!”

Miley keeps her eyes shut as she rinses her face in the sink, and she really loses it when she almost dries her face with a pair of her brother’s boxers.

The real Miley claimed that this is exactly how she is acting right now, and her boyfriend — Australian musician Cody Simpson — backed up this claim.

“She isn’t lying,” he wrote in the comments section of her post.

Miley’s caption included a string of emoji related to the coronavirus and cleaning, including a face wearing a medical mask, a bar of soap, a broom, a bathtub, a microbe, a sponge, and a roll of toilet paper.

As of this writing, Miley’s 105 million followers have liked her throwback video over 1.4 million times. It was also met with an avalanche of crying laughing emoji.

“Narrator: ‘And in that moment…A mood was born…’” read journalist Ashlee Marie Preston’s popular response to the video.

“There’s a hannah montana episode for every life situation,” another fan wrote.

“Queen of quarantine,” a third Instagrammer commented.

“Hannah Montana predicted too much of your life,” a fourth person remarked.

Miley shared another Hannah Montana-related coronavirus post on her Twitter page. It was a meme that jokingly suggested that hand sanitizer featuring the show’s branding is “the only hand sanitizer that will defeat the coronavirus.”

Miley isn’t the only pop star who is concerned about COVID-19. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lady Gaga begged her fans to self-quarantine in an emotional Instagram post.