WWE News: Former Superstar Says He 'Mentally Shut Down' In Company

Big Kon, who WWE fans know as Konnor of The Ascension, sat down with Wrestling Inc. recently to discuss his experience with his old company. According to the former superstar, who was released in December along with his tag team partner Viktor, Luke Harper, and Sin Cara, being in WWE caused him to stop caring about wrestling.

"I had shut down for like three years. Literally I was just shut down. Mentally I shut down almost like I had lost faith in this profession. I'm home now, and I'm kind of thinking to myself, 'what is it that you really want to do at this point in your life? Do you want to call it quits and never wrestle again? Do you want to get back at it and find the passion and love again?'"
Kon went on to say that returning to the independent circuit has reignited his love of the profession. The former superstar recently competed for Outlaw Pro Wrestling and the New York Wrestling Connection, and according to him, they've "set the bar high" in regard to his post-WWE career.

As one-half of The Ascension, Kon enjoyed a successful spell in NXT as the tag team dominated the division and held the titles for almost a year. However, upon being promoted to the main roster, they were saddled with a Road Warriors-esque gimmick and were hardly given any opportunities to showcase their ability and impress the fans.

Kon also discussed the game show iteration of the NXT television show, which he described as the worst period of his career and a "living hell." Before the black-and-gold brand found its current identity, superstars were tasked with taking part in "stupid competitions" that had nothing to do with wrestling most of the time.

Now that he's a free agent, the former NXT Tag Team Champion has more opportunities to make a name for himself again. However, he doesn't seem interested in joining All Elite Wrestling, Ring of Honor, or Impact Wrestling either, as he claims that he doesn't want to answer to anyone for the time being. Right now, he is more focused on working in the independent scene and doing autograph signings.

Kon will continue to partner with Viktor on the independent circuit, and he also revealed that they'll be back on television in the near future. While he wasn't at liberty to discuss which promotion they'll be joining yet, he seemed excited about the future and assured fans that some big things are on the horizon.