Jana Kramer Claps Back After She Is Slammed For Traveling During Coronavirus Pandemic

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Country singer Jana Kramer caught some flak on social media Friday when she announced her plans to travel for work despite growing concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.

Taking to Instagram, Jana shared a photo of herself in a pair of jeans, a white turtleneck, and an orange sweater. She paired the outfit with brown boots. The singer wore her blond hair down for the photo.

Along with the snap, she revealed that she was planning to travel to Canada to start filming for a movie. She then said that her entire family, including her kids, would be going along with her and asked for some recommendations on kid-friendly activities in Ottawa and Quebec City.

As can be imagined, fans flooded the comments section, letting her know that traveling during the coronavirus pandemic may not be the best idea. Some commenters pointed out that the museums in the cities are closed and that the weather isn’t too warm, but others offered some ideas for family-friendly things to do.

In her caption, Jana added that she was “aware” that people are staying indoors but explained that she has to travel for her job. She revealed that she spoke to her producer and that everything was a “go for now.”

The photo had over 30,000 likes from her 1.9 million followers and more than 600 comments.

She took to her Instagram stories to share more about the trip and to speak out about the criticism she received from her followers.

“For all the hate that I’m getting right now on my feed post about leaving, No. 1, I’m not just, like, going on vacation. I’m going to film a movie. I understand other productions have shut down, but where I’m going, apparently, there’s no cases. Everything’s fine. I also know if I don’t show up, I could get sued,” she explained, according to Us Weekly.

With the recent coronavirus pandemic, many productions have been shut down. The Ellen DeGeneres Show will not be filming for the next two weeks, and production on several Disney live-action films is on hold. However, Jana insisted that the production company she is working with won’t put her or her family “at risk.” She said that she is taking things “very seriously.”

Jana and her family made it to Canada on Saturday night but not without a few hiccups. She revealed on her Instagram stories that her flight had been “super-delayed” and that they needed to make some travel adjustments. She shared a video showing her family in their accommodations, and everyone appeared to be happy and relaxed.