Kailyn Lowry Drops Bombshell, Says She Doesn’t Know If Chris Lopez Had A Girlfriend When She Got Pregnant

Kailyn Lowry attends the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards.
Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

Kailyn Lowry shocked fans when she revealed she was pregnant with baby number four. Fans were more shocked over the weekend to learn that the father of her unborn baby may have had a girlfriend when Kail conceived her fourth child.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, a picture of Chris Lopez with an unknown female was shared on the @teenmomshaderoom_ social media account. The accompanying caption alleged that Chris is dating someone and it isn’t the Teen Mom 2 star.

“Well Kail allegedly Chris is dating again,” the caption read.

Kailyn caught wind of the post and chimed in with her thoughts.

“They’ve been together this whole time. Nobody needs to pass this ‘tea’ along like I don’t know. I hope they can work it out this time!” the reality show star wrote.

Some were confused by the way Kailyn worded her comment and one fan asked if it meant that Chris had a girlfriend when Kailyn got pregnant.

“You mean to tell me you still laid down and conceived a whole baby with him but you knew he had a gf?” the fan asked.

“who knows. He’s always lying about her,” Kail replied.

Fans who follow the MTV star are likely familiar with her story. Kail gave birth to her oldest son with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera and shares her second son with ex-husband Javi Marroquin. Following her divorce from Javi, she gave birth to her third son Lux with Chris Lopez. The relationship between the two was on and off so when she announced her fourth pregnancy last month, fans were shocked to learn that Chris fathered the baby.

After weeks of speculation, Kailyn went public with the pregnancy news in February, sharing a photo of herself with her three sons while holding an ultrasound photo. She later shared gender-reveal photos which showed the family would be welcoming a fourth boy.

The news that Chris may have had a girlfriend when Kail got pregnant is certainly shocking. However, what is also shocking is the fact that Kailyn has said she is ready to raise another baby “on her own.” She admitted that she and Chris do not have any contact.

Since announcing her pregnancy, Kailyn has dealt with criticism. In an effort to combat the negativity, she recently made her tweets private. She also hasn’t shared a lot of updates via Instagram. Days before turning 28-years-old, Kail took to social media to share an updated ultrasound picture of her baby boy, a wonderful early birthday present for the reality show star.