Jojo Babie Flaunts Curvy Booty In A Tiny Thong On Instagram

Mizuki Hisaka

Jojo Babie took to her Instagram page today to show off her curvy booty in a bra, thong, and socks, likely catching the attention of many of her 9.5 million followers. The Asian stunner took the selfie with her body angled to the side and appeared to be inside a home office with gym equipment.

The model rocked a nude thong with straps that rested extremely high on her hips and a cut that emphasized her hips and derrière. Jojo also wore a pair of black socks that reached her calves and these were branded with the 1st Phorm logo in white lettering. The brand is known for its nutritional supplements but also offers workout gear.

In addition, the stunner wore her hair down and brushed over her right shoulder. Her curly locks obscured her bra, which was nude with a black stripe that was prominently visible through her hair.

For the shot, Jojo held her phone with both hands and glanced down at the screen with a hint of a smile on her face. Her dark lashes, pink lipstick, and light pink manicure added to the feminine vibes.

Behind the sensation was a white desk with a printer on it with a laptop bag on the floor. There was also a stair stepper and another piece of workout equipment on either side of the desk. A large window was also visible with open blinds and two black curtains that were pulled back. Bright sunlight streamed into the room and lit up the side of Jojo's hair. Apparently, the model was in the middle of working out or getting ready to do so at home.

"Hottest Asian woman on the planet," gushed an admirer.

"You are so Hot JO Jo beautiful eyes," declared a second supporter.

Others responded to the question in her caption.

"Today?? I keep thinking of you," wrote a third fan.

"Uhhhh look @ this pic bout 99 times & chill!! lol @jojo_babie," exclaimed a social media user.

Jojo showcases her derrière from time to time on her Instagram feed and shared another update a week ago where she rocked a thong bodysuit. She stood with her back angled towards the camera as she posed in the lacy white ensemble. She lifted her leg into the air, making her curves harder to miss. The image was Photoshopped to make it appear as though she were a giant walking around a city, hence her allusions to Godzilla in the caption.