Kelly Ripa Applauds An Italian Village For The Way They're Dealing With The Coronavirus Pandemic

On Saturday, Kelly Ripa shared a popular Instagram video to her account that she borrowed from another social media user. In the post's 42-second clip, Italian villagers living in tenement buildings responded to the far-reaching coronavirus by isolating in their flats.

However, that didn't mean these cheerful Europeans stopped communicating with their neighbors.

In fact, many folks not only reached out to others but actually danced while doing so. Using their fire escapes and balconies as small stages, tenants moved their bodies to jazz music blasting from an unknown source. Laughter could be heard as one man shouted "I like" in English.

The scene had been captured in a narrow street or alley in which the Italian flag flew and garments were drying after being pinned to outdoor clothing lines. Cars were parked on one side of the thoroughfare.

In the caption of her most recent post, Kelly thanked the person who originally shared the video depicting how one Italian village has been dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic that hit their country particularly hard. She added a praying hands emoji before writing "protect your grandparents" in Italian. She also wrote in English, telling her followers to "stay safe," to "wash [their] hands," and to "dance alone."

Kelly's most recent Instagram update was immediately popular with the television host's 2.7 million followers. Within an hour of going live, the post earned more than 15,000 likes and nearly 400 comments.

Some people used emoji to speak for them, others relied on their words, while still others used both in the comments section.

"Celebrating life [clapping hands emoji]," stated the person who originally posted the video.

"Under every circumstance [red heart emoji]," Kelly responded.

"This is everything. Pure joy through hardship," remarked a second follower, who followed up with a red heart emoji.

"That will be me filming you once we retire in Italy!" stated a third admirer, who added an Italian flag emoji.

Once again, Kelly reached out.

"From your lips," she said.

Kelly often uploads upbeat posts to her Instagram account. On Thursday, the affable star shared an update in which her hunky husband, Mark Consuelos, was lying on his back on top of a massive pillow while floating in a swimming pool in Puglia, Italy.

According to The Inquisitr, the couple had vacationed in the popular Western European holiday spot last summer. To brighten everyone's day, Kelly put her long-term life partner and his rocking physique on the social media platform so everyone struggling with fears about and the reality of the coronavirus pandemic could have "something to look at other than that bottle of hand sanitizer."