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David Dobrik Opens Up About How His Breakup With Liza Koshy Transformed His Life

Helen Storms - Author

Mar. 14 2020, Updated 4:31 p.m. ET

David Dobrik is opening up about his infamous 2018 breakup with fellow YouTube star Liza Koshy. Their painfully emotional breakup video included tears and laughter as they explained that they were no longer together. It was viewed by more than 61 million people, according to Just Jared.

In the video, the pair assured that nothing bad had gone on between them but that their careers were taking them in two different directions and they had grown distant as a result. They also told fans that they would remain friends and would still appear in one another’s videos from time to time.

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Dobrik is now 23 years old and he has been able to reflect upon how that breakup affected his life, and even his career, in the years that followed. While the split was unquestionably raw and difficult, the video ultimately took his fame to the next level. While that was never his intention, it attracted others with whom he would later become close friends.

“People that are my friends now, that I hang out with every week, they tell me that the way they found me is through that breakup video. So their first impression of me was me crying in Liza’s living room,” he joked.

While Dobrik’s main platform remains YouTube, his career has morphed into something much larger. In addition to selling merchandise, running two channels and a podcast, he’s also reached celebrity status, acknowledging that Koshy did play some role in his climb to stardom. His four minute and twenty second vlogs full of pranks, stunts, science experiments and philanthropy have become a massive success, earning him over 16 million YouTube subscribers on his main channel alone.

However, he likely won’t remain on this platform forever. He explained that he has even bigger dreams for his future, including a career as a late night host.

“My big dream is to be a late-night host, but it’s like, what does that even mean? And what’s that going to mean in four or five years? I almost feel like if I can keep this up for a little bit longer, this is exactly what late-night of the future is, right? Like, I’ll be able to have [the] guests on that I want,” he said.

Dobrik’s career is clearly not slowing down anytime soon and it has allowed him to give back to those in need. As The Inquisitr previously reported, he recently gifted a single mother $25,000.


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