Washington Standoff Ends In Fatal Shootout, Cops Hurt, House In Flames

A Washington standoff has ended in a fatal shootout, police officers wounded, and the suspect’s house in flames.

Two suspects, a 49-year-old man and his 53-year-old wife, started the Washington standoff after the wife was arrested a warrant issued in Sacramento, California for fraud. She remains in the Grays Harbor County Jail.

The man escaped at first because he gave police false identification, but officers discovered the ruse and returned on Wednesday morning to arrest him. The suspect was read and waiting, armed and wearing a gas mask and a ballistic helmet.

Hoquiam Sgt. Brian Dayton said, “He engaged in a firefight with the officers on the scene, striking one of our officers.” The officer was hit in the hip but the duty belt slowed the bullet. The cop was treated at a hospital for a minor wound and released.

The Washington standoff continued into the night as the suspect retreated to the top floor of the two-story house. At one point he apparently yelled down to the police that he was wounded. Police tried to send in a robot in order to communicate but the man “damaged” the robot.

Throughout the night, police fired tear gas into the house but the man refused to come out. Around 6 AM flames were spotted at the rear of the house and the man emerged out the front holding a gun. The SWAT team confronted him, demanding that he drop his weapon, and when he did not comply the tactical team opened fire.

Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate explained the justification for taking down the suspect:

“We know that he had already fired upon the officers, so after a number of commands for him to drop the weapon, SWAT members had to discharge their firearms.”

The suspect was dead on the scene. Flames soon enveloped the house, burning through the roof and engulfing the entire house.

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