WWE News: Becky Lynch Reveals How Coronavirus Is Impacting Company

Becky Lynch poses with an action figure

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused shutdowns all around the world, and including the cancellation of numerous events, in addition to the four major professional sports leagues in North America suspending their seasons. However, even though WWE has already canceled some shows, Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch has assured fans that it’s “business as usual” for the company.

In a recent interview with TV Insider, the superstar revealed that she’s trying to stay calm about the situation, and that she and her employees have been taking the necessary precautions. While Lynch is wary of the reality of the situation, she also believes that she must continue to work and not let the virus affect her routine.

“I think we’re constantly meeting different people. We’re constantly shaking hands. We know to use hand sanitizer. We’re always exposed to so many different bacteria in our lives and so many different countries. You can’t freak out about any of this stuff. You have to continue on and hope for the best.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, an employee recently came into contact with the coronavirus and was quarantined. While there have been no more reported incidences of WWE workers being in contact with the virus since then, employees are more likely to be exposed to it since working for the company involves a lot of traveling and interacting with people.

During the interview, Lynch also opened up about her current rivalry with Shayna Baszler, whom she’s scheduled to face at WrestleMania 36, if the event goes ahead as planned. As of now, WWE appears to be going through with its biggest annual pay-per-view, and Lynch opened up about how she’s been preparing for the match against the former UFC fighter.

According to Lynch, she plans on stealing the show at WrestleMania 36, while also revealing that she hopes to turn Baszler into a star on the main roster.

“I’m always going out there and obsessing and trying to have the best match on the card. I’m always looking to be the best and elevate everybody I’m around and make sure people are engaged in every story I do.”

Lynch also compared Baszler to her friend Ronda Rousey, whom Lynch defeated in the main event of last year’s WrestleMania. “The Man” stated that Baszler isn’t as well-known as Rousey, which means that she’s got more to prove. She also believes that there is more to come from Baszler, as she hasn’t had the opportunity to fully showcase her talents on the main roster yet.