Jameela Jamil Appears In ‘Playboy’ Completely Unretouched To Tackle Gender Issues

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Jameela Jamil is posing for Playboy totally unretouched, and she says the experience made her feel “extremely free.”

“From my @Playboy shoot, I wanted to be shot like a man. No retouching, hi res, loose, comfortable clothes and completely unsexualized. I felt extremely free,” she wrote on Twitter. “My interviewer was @iSmashFizzle who also made me feel free. Maybe too free during an interview?”

In the spread, Jameela wears a series of oversized suits. In the first series of images, she wears a black suit with wide legs, a white shirt, and a dark tie, finished off with chunky heeled boots trimmed in rivets.

In the second series, she wears a white suit with a long-sleeved sheer turtleneck shirt underneath, finished with black and white flat shoes. Her hair is worn long and wavy in her signature style.

Jameela is a self-described feminist and activist, who has long been a champion for gender issues, mental health issues, and other political hot-button topics. Most recently, she tackled the Kardashian sisters and their weight loss shake promotions. As The Inquisitr previously reported, she slammed Khloe for perpetuating body image stereotypes, saying that she was feeding into “eating disorder culture.”

In the interview, she addressed Playboy itself, saying that in the past she had seen the magazine as a publication that objectifies women and encouraged men to look at women only as a sexual object.

While she says her views have changed, she added that she does still take issue with the way women are objectified in the media.

“I do stand by one issue I have with the way women are objectified in our media, even when they objectify themselves,” she said.

Jameela also opened up about her own mental health issues, saying that she had a nervous breakdown when she was younger that forced her to re-assess the way she was living her life. She says that she started being more open about what she wanted sexually and vowed to only say things that are true.

The Good Place actress’ photoshoot was largely met with a positive on social media, with fans saying that she looked good in the images and likened her to Lauren Bacall, who was famous for eschewing the typical Hollywood ballgown for feminized suits, jumpsuits, wide-legged pants, and coveralls.

Others pointed out that while she was dressed in a more masculine fashion, photoshoots involving men are often also re-touched.