Drew Barrymore Posts Beauty Tutorial On How To Cope During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Actress and beauty guru Drew Barrymore posted a beauty tutorial on her Instagram on Friday, aimed at reducing the physical and mental effects of anxiety about the coronavirus epidemic. According to Us Magazine, the mother-of-two spoke about how she's been "reading the room" on social media and noticed how most people are feeling similar to how she's feeling.

"I'm also looking at myself in the reflection of this camera and I am horrified by what I see," Barrymore said, adding that because of the 24-hour news cycle focused so much on COVID-19, that her sleep has been suffering. Because of this, she noted that her face has been swollen, so she decided to turn to makeup to relieve some anxiety.

Barrymore then applied some blush from her makeup line, Flower Beauty.

"I'm looking for it to put a tint on my face that doesn't feel so peaked and confused and stressed such as the world is kind of inducing us all to feel."

The 45-year-old actress also said that because she will be spending a lot of time at home, she plans to film more videos to help cope with the anxiety. She also compared the current situation in the world to having a baby, adding that right after you have one that "everything feels trivial."

Drew Barrymore at event
Getty Images | David Livingston

"This can be anxiety and euphoria at the same time," Barrymore said. She also added that she's been focusing on the little things, on being grateful and appreciative of every day. Because of this, Barrymore said, she has felt more "present, aware and extremely humbled."

Additionally, Barrymore emphasized the need for community and joining the human race in the "new normal." She said that she believes that everything will be all right and that staying present will allow everyone to take heed to what medical professionals are saying in order to stay safe.

"So, one foot in front of the other," Barrymore said as she concluded the video.

So far, the video has over 1 million views and over 7,000 comments. One Instagram user thanked Barrymore for putting things "into perspective," and another said that she was the "realest person" on Instagram.

Other users commented with well wishes, and anecdotes about how they are feeling about the pandemic in their respective countries.

Barrymore recently showed off the results of her 20-pound weight loss with a few before and after photos, as well as photos with her trainer, Marnie Alton.