Here Are The Live Sports You Can Watch This Weekend After Coronavirus Causes Major American Leagues To Halt

The NBA and NHL are on pause. Major League Baseball’s spring training is called off. There will be no conference tournaments in college basketball this weekend, no Selection Sunday, and no March Madness.

But while fears over the spread of the coronavirus have canceled all major American leagues for the indefinite future, sports fans looking to get their fix will still have a few options this weekend — if they’re willing to try something a little different. There are a handful of professional sports leagues around the world forging ahead despite the global pandemic, so fans with an internet connection and some curiosity can find something to watch.

As Sports Illustrated noted, one of the weekend’s more popular sporting events will still be on, as UFC Fight Night 170 from Brazil is set to happen Saturday night. There will also be plenty of soccer action as Mexico’s Liga MX, the Turkish Süper Lig, and the fifth tier of English soccer — the National League — are still playing games (though a handful of National League games have been postponed due to coronavirus fears). CBS Sports has a full listing of the Liga MX games being played this weekend.

There will be some basketball as well, with the British Basketball League playing games over the course of the weekend and offering some live to watch on the league website.

Some leagues are even playing despite potential coronavirus cases among players. Sports Illustrated noted that England Rugby Football League is still going ahead with games, although a player for the Leeds Rhinos came down with symptoms of the virus. Games for the National Rugby League and Australian Football League men’s and women’s competitions are also set to take place over the weekend, the report noted.

Those willing to check out cricket can also watch four games from the Pakistan Super League set to take place on Sunday, though it’s not clear if the league will continue with matches after a number of players have left over fears of contracting the virus.

The weekend’s slate of international games and lower-level leagues could be the only action that sports fans see for a while. The American leagues going on hiatus have not yet given a timetable of when they might return, though some observers have noted that it could be quite some time. As The Inquisitr reported, the Chinese Basketball Association stopped play in January as the virus spread and is planning on starting again in April, after a break of 10 weeks.