JetBlue Gives Lifetime Ban To Passenger Who Boarded Flight After Testing For Coronavirus

Bruce BennettGetty Images

A passenger who boarded a JetBlue flight after testing for the coronavirus has taken his last flight with the airline.

The company announced on Friday that it slapped a lifetime ban on the traveler who flew from New York City to West Palm Beach, Florida, after they had tested positive for the deadly virus. As People magazine reported, the airline had advised people not to fly if they were feeling ill or awaiting the results of a coronavirus test, but the passenger disregarded the advice and took the flight knowing they were being tested and awaiting the results. The person reportedly learned during the flight that they tested positive.

The flight was hit with a two-hour delay after landing in West Palm Beach as health officials spoke to all 114 passengers and crew on board, ABC News reported. Those who were sitting closest to the infected passenger were given special instructions on how to monitor their health and then allowed to leave the airport before seeing a doctor, the report noted.

“At this time passengers in the vicinity of the positive patient were advised of monitoring procedures,” Palm Beach County Fire Rescue said in a statement. “The rest of the passengers were released to go home.”

Dr. Alina Alonso, health director for Palm Beach County, said that the passenger had received a text message about the positive coronavirus test, but had not been coughing or sneezing on the flight.

Palm Beach International Airport also said it would be undergoing sterilization efforts for the areas where the flight’s passengers were taken off the plane.

The passenger was facing some harsh consequences for the flight. In a statement to People magazine, a spokesperson for the airline said that the passenger would not be allowed to fly JetBlue ever again.

“Last night’s event put our crewmembers, customers, and federal and local officials in an unsettling situation that could have easily been avoided, and as such, this customer will not be permitted to fly on JetBlue in the future,” the statement read.

Across the United States and worldwide, governments and private organizations have taken a number of measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, including some harsh consequences for those who knowingly come into contact with others after being diagnosed. As The Inquisitr noted, coronavirus patients in Italy could face murder charges if they leave self-isolation and come into contact with medically vulnerable people. It was not clear if the JetBlue passenger could face any potential consequences besides the lifetime ban from the airline.