Chinese Billionaire Jack Ma To Donate 1 Million Face Masks & 500,000 Coronavirus Test Kits To The U.S.

Jack Ma poses for a photo outside the New York Stock Exchange
Andrew Burton / Getty Images

Chinese billionaire Jack Ma has pledged to donate 1 million face masks and 500,000 coronavirus testing kits to the United States, reports Rolling Stone.

“Drawing from my own country’s experience, speedy and accurate testing and adequate personal protective equipment for medical professionals are the most effective in preventing the spread of the virus. We hope that our donation can help Americans fight against the pandemic!” Ma said in a statement that was shared on the official Jack Ma Foundation Twitter account earlier today.

Currently, the United States is seriously behind on testing its citizens for COVID-19. The Inquisitr previously reported that President Donald Trump allegedly slowed testing because he wanted to keep confirmed case numbers as low as possible, as to not harm his reelection campaign. His biggest critics have been vocal in asserting that the president cares more about votes than he does about the country’s health.

“This crisis presents a huge challenge to all humankind in a globalized world. The pandemic we face today can no longer be resolved by an individual country,” Ma continued.

Ma added that we would all need to work together “hand-in-hand” to find a resolution, urging countries to share their resources and knowledge with one another to better the chances of getting the novel outbreak under control.

The U.S. is not the first country that Ma has reached out to with aid. According to CNN, the billionaire also donated $14 million to help find a vaccine to fight the coronavirus a few months ago. He also made additional donations to Europe and Australia, and set up a fund of $144 million to purchase medical supplies for Wuhan and Hubei.

On social media, many people have expressed their gratitude toward Ma for reaching out to countries in need. Several users have said that all billionaires should be helping out in a similar fashion to ensure that more tests become readily available. Dozens of Twitter users admitted they were angry about how the U.S. government and the president have been handling the current pandemic.

“Thank you Jack Ma! Our own government is failing us. Thank you for stepping in to unite us in the face of this world wide threat,” wrote one user in the comments section of the Jack Ma Foundation statement on Twitter.

At this time, it is unclear when we will begin to see a decline in coronavirus cases. Earlier today, The Inquisitr shared that the World Health Organization believes it is “false hope” to expect the virus to subside in warmer weather as some have stated.