Kaley Cuoco Shows Off An 'Amazing' Nightgown And Reveals That The Coronavirus Has Had An Upside For Her

Kaley Cuoco will get to spend a lot more time rocking her beloved nightshirts and nightgowns in the near future. According to the former star of The Big Bang Theory, filming on her new series has been put on pause due to concerns over the spread of the deadly coronavirus. The safety precaution turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Kaley, who will finally get to live in her new house.

On Friday, Kaley took to Instagram to share the latest episode of Cup of Cuoco with her fans. The actress kicked things off by showing off a new nightgown. The garment was pale pink, and it featured a pattern of white coffee cups emblazoned with hearts. It also had a few different short phrases written all over it. Kaley described the nightgown as "amazing" and "a genius Amazon buy."

"You guys, look. It says, 'Anytime coffee time, hug in a mug," a delighted Kaley said. "If this wasn't made for my Cup of Cuoco show — I'm not really sure it was. It was a late night Amazon buy from ENJOYNIGHT."

Kaley's sister, Briana, was sitting on the couch while the actress was filming, and she described Kaley's purchase as being "on-brand."

Kaley then moved on to talking about how filming on her HBO Max series, The Flight Attendant, has been shut down for two weeks.

"We're all in a crisis right now with this wacky virus that's going around," Kaley said.

The actress revealed that she and Briana are planning to leave New York City and return home to Los Angeles tomorrow.

"The upside to this, I get a forced two week break," Kaley said.

Briana cheered in response to this remark, but Kaley stressed that there's "nothing exciting" about the situation that led to her getting some time off from work. However, she couldn't help but smile about the next bit of news that she shared.

"Karl and I get to move into our house tomorrow," Kaley said.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kaley and her husband, equestrian Karl Cook, had planned on moving into their new home at the beginning of the year. However, it still needed a little work before it was habitable.

"I kind of think it's a blessing, and I really feel blessed and lucky that we get to go home and kind of have this time together, and move in and enjoy our brand new home together," Kaley said of her "forced break."

Kaley also shared her excitement over getting to see her beloved rescue dogs, and she revealed that she's having a sanctuary for rescue rabbits built in her new garage.

Kaley's show got slightly derailed when she and Briana got into an argument over nightshirts, but Kaley got things back on track by moving on to the topic of the coronavirus. She advised her fans to wash their hands, and the animal advocate also begged them to spend their own staycations doing something to help their furry friends.

"To me, this is a wonderful time to walk into your local shelter or rescue and foster a dog or a cat or a bunny," Kaley said. "This is the time to foster."