Jenelle Evans Says She Isn't Trying To 'Impress' Anyone Following Rumors She Is Back With David Eason

Although Jenelle Evans hasn't confirmed that she and David Eason are officially back together, rumors that the two have reunited after a brief split continue to swirl. Now, the former Teen Mom 2 star is speaking out on Twitter and reminding her fans that she isn't trying to "impress" anyone.

"So @PBandJenelley & David are back together and she wonders why people don't believe her," someone wrote including an emoji doing a facepalm.

Jenelle immediately clapped back at the tweet.

"The thing is... I'm living my life regardless of what anyone says or no matter wtf I'm doing. I'm not obligated to owe anyone an explanation. My life isn't shared on tv anymore, sorry. I'm not trying to impress any d*mn person."
Although she didn't explicitly say she and David have reconciled, many fans believe that is what is going on after the two were spotted out and about together in Walmart last month in North Carolina. At the time, she said that counseling was an option for her and David. She admitted that she was at Walmart with David and explained they were there getting supplies for a dog she got in Tennessee. A source spoke out and explained that the two were not back together "fully" and revealed that Jenelle still has her apartment in Nashville.

While Jenelle may not be trying to impress anyone, her followers weren't too impressed with her tweet and many left negative comments on the post.

"Have some respect for yourself. You deserve way better than David. He's toxic," one comment read.

Another commenter pointed out that Jenelle shared her life with fans for over a decade.

"Yes but your life was shown for almost 10 years so you have to expect the input. Especially when your still active and public on social media. Your followers honestly only want the best for you," the comment read.

Jenelle's tweet had over 328 comments from her more than 1.3 million followers, but the mom-of-three didn't reply to any of them. Along with the many comments, her tweet also had a few retweets and over 800 likes from her followers.

The clap back is one of only a handful of tweets Jenelle has made this month. Prior to that, she reached out to her followers to let them know that she wasn't in Nashville at the time the devastating tornadoes ripped through the city.

Aside from staying relatively quiet on Twitter, Jenelle has also limited her posting on Instagram, with her last post being at the end of February.