Maine Town Declares Sovereignty … Food Sovereignty That Is

Sedgwick, Maine declared total food sovereignty. The town has decided they have the right to consume raw milk and other organic commodities – despite what either state or federal laws dictate. The residents of the Maine town are also demanding that all GMO foods be labeled.

There is a food revolution quietly taking place in America, according to grassroots activist who keep pushing the media to pay attention agriculture industry issues. The Monsanto Protection Act brought the grassroots battle against GMO seeds and GMO crops into the mainstream. The DuPont and Monsanto agreement announced on Thursday gave those unaware about the controversial genetically modified crops debate even more insight into why organic food activists oppose GMO ingredients.

Sedgwick is reportedly the first town in the United States to declare freedom from governmental food regulations. The town passed an ordinance to give residents the right to sell, consume, produce, and purchase any locally grown or raised food they want. The resolution includes raw milk and locally slaughtered meat.

Three other towns in Maine are expected to declare food sovereignty as well. An excerpt from the food freedom ordinance reads:

“It shall be unlawful for any law or regulation adopted by the state or federal government to interfere with the rights recognized by this Ordinance. Patrons purchasing food for home consumption may enter into private agreements with those producers or processors of local foods to waive any liability for the consumption of that food. Producers or processors of local foods shall be exempt from licensure and inspection requirements for that food as long as those agreements are in effect.”

The farmers and ranchers will not be subjected to licensure or inspection only if the purchase is between only the processor or producer and a customer. The raw milk and other food items included in the Sedgwick ordinance must be sold for home consumption. Farmers, ranchers, and processors are also reportedly exempt from existing state and federal laws when the products or crops are prepared, consumer or sold at a social community event.

What do you think about the Maine town declaring food soveriegnty?

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