Duane 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' Chapman Returns To Hawaii, Reunites With Estranged Daughter Lyssa

Reality television star Duane Chapman of Dog the Bounty Hunter is back in Hawaii, where he is spending time with his daughter Lyssa. Fans of the show were thrilled to see new Instagram posts showing Duane and his previously estranged daughter spending time with other family members in recent days.

Both Duane and Lyssa have struggled a great deal since Beth Chapman's death last summer, and tensions have been running high between the Dog the Bounty Hunter stars. This seemed due in large part to Duane's relationship with Moon Angell, Beth's former personal assistant.

Lyssa was arrested in Hawaii not long ago and, while few details about the incident were available, family tensions were reportedly an underlying catalyst. Duane proposed to Moon during an appearance on The Dr. Oz Show, but has since insisted that things never turned romantic between them.

About a month ago, Moon moved out of Duane's house, which may have opened the door for him to smooth things over with his family. After staying mostly in Colorado in the months after Beth's death, Duane is back in Hawaii and sharing updates with his fans.

Duane noted that he and Lyssa spent time at Habilitat Hawaii, a long-term addiction treatment and vocational training program located on the island of Oahu. The Habilitat group shared some photos from Duane's visit on their Instagram page. The A&E star apparently shared his story with participants of the program during his visit.

In addition to having Lyssa and her daughter by his side, Duane embraced his daughter Cecily and grandson Dakota during the visit as well. Despite the difficult moments the Chapmans have navigated over the past few months, it looks like they were all very happy to be together again.

"Feels so good to see my Dad and be reminded that love is unconditional and transcendent. #CrazyAsAChapman Family," Lyssa wrote as a caption on a photo she shared on Instagram.

According to KITV, Duane has packed up the home he shared with Beth in Hawaii. He donated a number of items to Habilitat, which was part of the reason for his visit on Wednesday night. The facility now has an expanded gym area thanks to his donations.

Duane has made no secret of the fact that he has struggled greatly since Beth's death. Based on these latest updates, it seems that he is ready to forge forward, at least to a degree. Despite the drama of these past few months, it now appears he and his family are embracing the chance to reunite and try to put their differences behind them.