Hilde Osland Looks Cute & Cozy In Flirty Bedroom Snap

Norwegian beauty Hilde Osland can pull off many looks, from elegant to sexy to casual. On Friday, she decided to share a snap on Instagram that saw her looking cozy, cute and comfortable in a large pink t-shirt with a pair of undies.

Hilde's tee featured a graphic print on the front. It also had long sleeves with designs on the sides. The beauty paired the top with a pair of pink floral panties, of which very little could be seen. In the photo, she sat in the middle of her bed.

There were few distractions in the image -- all that could be seen were the wooden headboard behind her and part of an end table. Her bedspread featured grey and white designs, which made her smooth, toned, bronzed legs pop. With one leg folded on the bed and one knee up, she propped an elbow on her knee and rested her chin in her hand. She gazed at the camera with her piercing blue eyes and had a sweet, flirty expression on her face.

Hilde's hair was styled into two braids, with one falling over each shoulder. Tendrils from her bangs framed her face, creating a soft look. She framed her eyes with eye shadow, a coat of mascara and eyeliner. She wore blush on the apples of her cheeks and completed the natural look with a rose shade on her lips. She also wore a bold white polish on her toenails and accessorized with layered necklaces.

The post was a hit, garnering over 29,000 likes within an hour of Hilde sharing it.

In the caption, the model said the cozy shirt came from online retailer Fashion Nova.

As usual, Hilde's fans gushed over how pretty she looked in the picture.

"So great to see so much beauty first thing this morning," one admirer wrote.

"Beautiful Angel you are looking Amazing as always. You look very comfortable This morning," a second Instagram user told her.

"Nothing more to say beautiful, you look awfully comfortable and cute sitting there in your bed with your pajamas," said a third follower.

"You are the most gorgeous angel i have ever seen," commented a fourth fan.

Hidle has given her fans plenty to get excited about this week. She has shared photos that show her looking sensational wearing a bright blue bikini, a sexy short set and a set of skimpy lingerie while reading a book.