Just What We Need: 30 ft. Naomi Campbell Sculptures

As if Naomi Campbell weren’t our favorite model-slash-abusive personality already, we’re going to be seeing a lot more of her now. She’s already having great year, just proving that good things don’t just happen to good people: she’s got an amazing YSL campaign, a D&G birthday bash, and a cameo role on Ugly Betty, and now three giant sculptures of herself that measure 30 feet in height coming up at the end of the year. British photog Nick Knight has released his plans to create these sculptures using a three-dimensional scanner in either alabaster or glass fibre.

UK newspaper The Independent recently interviewed Knight about his project revering “one of the most famous and beautiful women in the world” and asked “if [the statue] could be installed at the entrance to Terminal 5, as a symbol of the nation’s rage over lost baggage and delayed flights.” He just laughed it off. I guess it’s too late to reconsider the whole thing?

How about we just use the sculptures as a general warning to all future agencies and assistants and leave it at that?