Jeffree Star Claims Several NBA Players Slid In His DMs, Fans Online Ask Who They Are

Jeffree Star may have recently ended things with his long-time boyfriend but the YouTube star said he has plenty of suitors. On Twitter, he claimed to have multiple NBA players "in [his] DMs" and fans have tried to guess who they might be.

The popular online personality is known for his makeup tutorials and his flamboyant style and personality. At the end of last year, he had a well-publicized breakup with his long-time boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt. This week, he revealed that he has stayed single by choice as several basketball players have shown interest.

A Twitter user was surprised by how tall the 34-year-old was and posted a screenshot of a Google search that showed Star is 6-feet 1-inch tall. He also included a homophobic joke insinuating the makeup artist should have played basketball.

"Jeffree Star is 6'1?? Bro was playing with the wrong balls," he wrote.

Star noticed the tweet and replied by claiming he's had NBA players slide in his DMs.

"There are currently three NBA players in my DM's right now, but thank you for the concern," the YouTube personality wrote.

This did not go unnoticed by his 6.6 million Twitter followers and the tweet earned 5,800 likes and 700 retweets with plenty of replies that inquired about the identities of these alleged NBA suitors.

"I NEED NAMES," a person wrote.

"Post proof or cap," another said.

Fans started offering guesses as to who they might be.

"Top 3 most likely: Dwight Howard, Jabari Parker, Reggie Bullock," a Twitter user wrote.

"Add Rondo and take out Parker," another replied.

Many responded with humorous photos and gifs of famous current players. The majority of responses featured Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard who, as reported by Newsweek, was romantically linked to a transgender man last summer but vehemently denied the claims.

"I know one's Dwight Howard," a user wrote.

"Dwight Howard stays wildin," a fan said.

"Dwight Howard, PG and Durant," one wrote referring to Howard, Paul George, and Kevin Durant.

Not everyone bought into Star's sensational claim. A lot of replies accused the beauty blogger of "cap" meaning he told a bald-faced lie.

"LMAO I've got 3 NBA players as well. No. Body. Asked," a disinterested fan wrote.

The Daily Dot warned followers to take Star's boast with a grain of salt and said he has made outlandish claims in the past for publicity. A recent example being when he was accused of cultural appropriation for putting his hair in cornrows for an ad campaign and then challenged fans to produce any photographic or video evidence of him in braids.