Sofia Jamora Poses On All Fours In Just Hot Pink Tights On Instagram

Sofia Jamora tantalized her Instagram fans with a topless pic a couple of days ago, but shared more from the same photo shoot yesterday and flaunted her incredible physique. In a couple of images, the hottie struck sexy poses on all fours on the floor.

The stunning model kicked it off with a snap of herself gazing directly at the camera with a sultry pout on her face with her lips parted. She posed on her hands and knees with her left hand crossed in front and her right leg extended in the back.

Sofia was topless and only wore a pair of hot pink tights that were sheer and hugged her booty. She placed her arms strategically to censor her chest, although a hint of underboob was showing.

The sensation wore her hair in a slicked-back middle part and wore an extremely long hair extension. The locks were braided and blond and brushed behind her back and fell onto the floor.

Sofia's colorful makeup application was hard to miss. Her eye shadow was comprised of bright neon color-blocking with yellow, pink, purple, and two tones of blue. She also wore super glossy lipstick with liner, plus a dusting of blush. Her neon green manicure also added to the colorful look.

The bombshell accessorized with two chunky and bedazzled necklaces: one featuring charms that read "xoxo" and another with the Christian cross.

The backdrop matched her ensemble as pink neon lights were placed on the floor. The one on the left was a depiction of a nude woman. Plus, a large framed poster was propped against the wall of a topless woman.

In the second picture, Sofia posed on a stair railing and the final photo was another shot of her on all fours.

The update has been liked over 130,400 times and the model's fans took to the comments section to send their love.

"U did not come to play," declared a supporter.

"Straight up fire fia," complimented a second admirer.

Others focused on her makeup application.

"Omg that makeup is goals," gushed a third admirer.

"Your eyeshadow is freaking good," raved a social media user.

The beauty posts topless pics from time to time and shared another eye-catching update on February 8. Sofia posed with a pink rose that she held in front of her chest to censor the image for social media and glanced at the camera with a coy expression on her face. She wore her hair slicked back into a ponytail with her bangs swept over to the side. The model wore four necklaces that were stacked on top of each other.