Gayle King Says Katie Holmes Sent Her Cupcakes After Kobe Bryant Interview Backlash

Gayle King recently revealed that a kind stranger had reached out to her during her struggle with backlash surrounding her now-infamous interview with Lisa Leslie. According to People, actress Katie Holmes sent King cupcakes with a note that said, "Katie and Suri were thinking about you."

Last weekend, during the Denver stop on Oprah Winfrey's "2020 Vision Tour," King opened up to Winfrey about the hatred she received from countless people after a clip from her interview with Leslie went viral. The clip featured the CBS This Morning host asking Leslie a question about the rape allegations made against Kobe Bryant in 2003. King received death threats and harsh criticism from many Bryant fans who were displeased with her line of questioning.

While she received a tremendous amount of hate from people in online communities, King also garnered support from several people. She told Winfrey that she was surprised by how many people "came out of the woodwork" to make sure she was doing okay.

Holmes is the first person that came to King's mind as the actress went out of her way to send the journalist a sweet treat and a loving note.

"I'd been away, I came home, and on my kitchen counter was a box of cupcakes — I love cupcakes," said King about the actress's gift.

According to the People Magazine article, she continued by saying that she was moved by Holmes' decision to send her the desserts and added that it was kindness from strangers that she would remember most from that time.

"Now, I didn't even know Katie Holmes even knew where I lived, which means she had to find out, and that they came and they dropped it off. I had to find somebody to get her email just so I could say, 'Thank you so much for doing that.'"
Holmes was one of many celebrities to connect with the 65-year-old. Amy Schumer wrote a passionate Instagram post to defend King, saying that regardless of anyone's personal feelings about the interview, no one deserved to get sent death threats.

She also told Winfrey that she was surprised to have people she didn't know, like Ivanka Trump and Sean Spicer, reach out to her when the backlash began picking up steam online.

"What surprised me is the people that came to reach out to me in unexpected places," she commented.

The Inquisitr previously reported that King and Snoop Dogg, who ignited a fiery feud by attacking the talk show host after the Leslie interview aired, has since made amends after King publicly accepted his apology.