Abigail Ratchford Wears A Pink Beekeeper's Suit Amid Coronavirus Pandemic: 'Quarantined But Make It Fashunnnn'

Model Abigail Ratchford took to her Instagram story on Thursday, March 12, posing in what appeared to be a hazmat suit. She later revealed it is technically a beekeeper's suit.

In the first video in a series of posts, Abigail wore the light pink garment, which had a sheer head covering that stuck to the front of the suit with velcro. Though she first posed with the gear over her head, she quickly took it off. She held up one finger to indicate a pause while she sipped an energy drink. She winked at the end of the clip.

In the second video, fans could see the entire suit, which bunched at her ankles. In the caption of the clip, she focused on the style of the outfit.

"Quarantined but make it fashunnnn," she wrote.

She also elaborated on her fondness for the gear in the video, which she felt had a throwback vibe.

"Low-key, I kind of love this outfit actually," she said. "It's very, like, '90s."

Abigail got serious about the coronavirus outbreak over her next few videos, revealing that she has "bad asthma" and is, therefore, "compromised." She also expressed her concerns over the public's potential reactions over the scarcity of supplies.

"... I am a little bit nervous," she said.
"They are saying it is going to get so much worse. Like, this is just the beginning of it. Also, I have really bad asthma. So I'm a compromised individual."
"So I feel like when something like this happens... The scariest thing isn't even the virus itself — yet — but it's the way that people start behaving when things are scarce, like food and water, toilet paper," she continued. "People get violent, guys. Be careful."

Later on in her story, Abigail explained that she was not actually wearing a hazmat suit.

"And yes my suit is actually a bee keeper's suit, im aware," she wrote with an emoji of a smiley face wearing sunglasses.

Elsewhere on her Instagram story, the model reposted a plea to think of the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.

As The Inquisitr has reported, many businesses have shut down temporarily due to the fast-spreading virus, which has caused 40 deaths in a matter of weeks in the United States.

Walt Disney World and Disneyland are just some of the companies that are closing for weeks. Broadway shows are going dark for at least one month as well. The NHL has suspended their season, while the NCAA has canceled March Madness.